ABR Best of Staffing Talent Testimonials

March 24th, 2015

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ABR is the only staffing agency in Wisconsin to have received the Best of Staffing Award for service quality.

How did ABR receive the Best of Staffing Talent Award five years in a row? We received over 400 ABR Best of Staffing Talent testimonials from survey participants that rated ABR a 9 or 10 for service excellence. Below is a small sampling of what our talent had to say.

ABR Appleton Talent Krystal Kenowski – ABR helped me get in with a reputable company. I worked hard and got hired on permanently.  I am thankful that I was given a chance because I had almost no experience in the manufacturing/production industry.  I now have stable employment with good pay and benefits.

ABR Brookfield Talent Rochelle Wallace – They were extremely helpful and had me gainfully employed within a week. Not only with a job, but with a highly respected reputable company.

ABR La Crosse Talent Mikayla Thornton-Paulson – Everyone at ABR is super friendly and helpful. Every time I call, the representatives know exactly who I am when I say my name. They are very prompt with their responses, and always make me feel important. They seem to truly care about my feelings toward my occupation.

ABR/LHI La Crosse Talent Starr Neumann – ABR has placed me in a company I love working for and a job I look forward to going to everyday.

ABR Madison Talent Ektina Jones – I love working for ABR because they placed me with an excellent employer. This is the best place that I have ever worked!

ABR Manitowoc Talent Gaoleh Lor – The recruiters are very understanding. They call me every now and then to see how things are going with my job placement. I feel comfortable talking to my recruiter; I love that she is always willing to talk about any of my concerns, even when she has so many other potential employees scheduled to meet with her. This is my second time applying through ABR and they have been such a great help! They made my move to Manitowoc so much easier! Thank you for being there for me and my family.

ABR Sparta Talent Zacharie Bauer – They have been amazingly friendly and always kind to me. They are prompt and have wonderful people skills. They were warm to both me and my family. I love working with them. I will be truly sad to move into a permanent position as I will miss them dearly.

ABR Stevens Point Talent Jan Hietpas – ABR has each employee’s best interest at heart, above everything else!  They have the utmost respect for the people they place in jobs and are truly good people, trying to do the best for everyone. They have made my life better in so many ways, that I could never begin to thank them enough!

ABR Sturgeon Bay Talent Christie Schreier – I am very happy with working through ABR. They were able to place me quickly after applying, found a job and hours compatible with me and my schedule. I have been telling all my friends that are searching for work to apply.

ABR Wausau Talent Jessica Griffin – ABR has been quick and efficient in matching me up with a career assignment that’s relevant to my work skills. Their representatives are always friendly and professional during any interaction I’ve had with them. I’m definitely pleased with my experience. Thanks ABR!

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