HR Insights – Spring 2016

March 24th, 2016

March April HR Insights 2016

While the calendar says it’s Spring, ‘old man Winter’ is still hanging around. We hope you enjoy our Spring edition of HR Insights magazine.

The content in this edition ranges through many topics but also shares a common theme: thinking outside the box. People use that phrase all the time and sometimes it comes across as meaningless fluff. But thinking outside the box—exploring options and ideas that aren’t obvious (and at first glance might even seem far-fetched—can often be just what a company needs to jump ahead of its competition.

In the feature article, “20/20 Vision: The Importance of Long-Range Planning,” for example, Brian Formato urges companies to expand their outlook so they’re not just focusing on the short-term gains that everyone’s prioritizing these days but also investing in the future by creating long-term plans.  Ira S. Wolfe encourages companies to go against the grain by examining—and rejecting—some long-held beliefs about the workforce. If you have any Millennials working for you (or think you might in the future), take a close look at “Millennials: Myths and Facts” and learn why this generation doesn’t deserve the bad rap it often gets.

Just as sticking with the old because “we’ve always done it that way” isn’t ideal, doing something new just for the sake of doing something new won’t lead your company to success, either. The key is to take a good look at the status quo and your goals, and then open your mind to new ways of closing the gap between them. We can help you identify those possibilities, so contact us when you’re ready to explore them!

Backyard Hero: Staffing Coordinator Tamaris Relerford

March 16th, 2016

Tamaris Relerford

Tamaris to Receive Backyard Hero Award

ABR Employment Services encourages and supports all employees in their community involvement efforts. We are pleased to share that Tamaris Relerford, Staffing Coordinator at the ABR Madison branch has been named a 2016 Backyard Hero by the Community Shares of Wisconsin.

Each month, Community Shares of Wisconsin and its sponsors recognize two outstanding member agency volunteers who have given their time to our member groups and to our community. These volunteers are seldom in the news but are always on the front lines of critical issues that make our community a better place to live.

Since February 2015, Tamaris has been volunteering with Common Wealth Development, a non-profit agency in Madison that provides affordable housing, youth and adult job support, training and business development support. Mike Sweitzer-Beckman, Development Manager at Common Wealth, nominated Tamaris for his volunteer work. As a volunteer for Common Wealth, Tamaris prepares 14-16 year-olds in Common Wealth’s Youth Programs for real job interviews, providing them valuable feedback on how to present themselves.

“When I was growing up, the people in my life and in my community supported me so it’s a personal value of mine to carry that forward,” said Tamaris. “At Common Wealth I help youth in middle school and high school prepare for employment through interview role play and practice filling out job applications. I really enjoy working with the kids and feel it’s important to introduce this kind of life skill at this point in a young person’s life”.

In addition to volunteering at Common Wealth Development, Tamaris has volunteered at The State Line Boys and Girls Club (Beloit, WI). And, as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, he served as a coach/camp counselor for youth basketball camps.

Tamaris said, “My wife Anna and I want to set a good example for our son Llewyn. Even though he’s a toddler right now, he’ll grow up seeing us being active in the community and hopefully one day he’ll do the same”.

Congratulations on this special recognition, Tamaris! Thank you for all you do at ABR and in the community.

I Never Won Anything Like This Before!

March 10th, 2016

Stephen Kalmon, February 2016 Free Rent and a job! Winner

Stephan G Kalmon III February 2016

Congratulations to our 16th Free Rent and a job! employee appreciation drawing winner, Stephen Kalmon. He was presented with a check for $1,000 during a surprise award ceremony at C-Tech on February 26th. Said a surprised Stephen, “I never won anything like this before! I don’t know what I’m going to do with the money!”.

Stephen works as a ‘jack of all trades’ at C-Tech, doing paint line preparation, tool box and cart assembly, paint line quality inspection, buffing and grinding and assisting in the plant where needed. He’s been working at C-Tech through ABR since December, 2015.

His supervisor at C-Tech said Stephen is very reliable, dependable, is a hard worker, is consistent and on-the-job each day. Congratulations, Stephen, we’re thrilled to have you on the ABR team!