Could Your On-Time Workforce Benefit from an On-Site Staffing Manager?

on March 28, 2011 in HR and Workforce Tips


On-Site Staffing, also known as Vendor-on-Premise (VOP), is exactly what it sounds like – a vendor (in this case, a staffing service like ABR Employment Services) provides an on-site representative to manage and coordinate on-time (temporary) employees at your company.

On-Site Staffing is an outsourcing management program, which encompasses every facet of coordinating, ordering, planning and tracking of contingent employees.  This program is managed by an ABR On-Site Manager, who acts as the central contact for hiring managers, coordinates recruiting activities, and handles a multitude of personnel related issues.

If you’re a high-volume staffing user, an On-Site Manager can greatly simplify staffing for you.  In essence, he acts as an extension of your HR department to streamline your staffing function.  Here’s how:

Increasing Efficiency

An On-Site Manager can:

  • Handle the daily deployment of on-time (temporary) workers to get them on-task quickly.
  • Make daily rounds to ensure on-time (temporary) workers stay productive.
  • Provide detailed, customized reports like: staffing usage, cost analyses, attendance and tardiness.
  • Evaluate personnel needs to plan for peak and non-peak periods, and handle worker reassignment.

Reducing Headaches

An On-Site Manager can:

  • Manage daily work issues, like problem resolution and worker injury reporting.
  • Handle scheduling to ensure departments are adequately staffed.
  • Resolve payroll and administrative issues.
  • Recruit new on-time (temporary) employees directly at your site.
  • In some cases, even manage more than one facility so you can stay focused on core duties and responsibilities.

Managing Other Staffing Functions

An On-Site Manager can:

  • Screen, interview and skill-test candidates before they’re approved to work for you.
  • Check references, and if required, drug test applicants.
  • Distribute paychecks.

Ensuring Safety

An On-Site Manager can:

  • Provide facilities tours and customized safety orientations for your new on-time (temporary) employees.

Could your on-time (temporary) workforce benefit from an On-Site Manager?  Contact ABR Employment Services to find out more about our On-Site Staffing Solutions and determine if they’re right for you.