Benefits of A Company LinkedIn Page

November 11th, 2011

LinkedIn is one social space your company needs to be. LinkedIn’s purpose is to build a network of professional colleagues and connections to build relationships that boost your success and reputation.  And, you can set up a company page for free.  The upkeep is minimal yet it continuously networks with interested job seekers and prospective customers.

You might find yourself thinking, is it worth the trouble? Consider these statistics about LinkedIn’s users:

  • More than 70 million users (and growing) worldwide
  • Average household income of LinkedIn user is $109K per year
  • 45 percent are decision makers at their company

Maybe a job seeker finds a friend on LinkedIn who works at your company. When she clicks the name of your company, it currently leads to a list of your employees. But if you create a company page, the interested talent will be taken to your official presence instead. As an example, take a look at how ABR has our LinkedIn Company Page set up.

A LinkedIn company page is like an “About Us” website section. It fills people in on key things they need to know about your company. As the creator of the page, you can include things like:

  • An image and description of your company.
  • The link to your company website.
  • Your company’s size, industry, and address.
  • A products and services tab.
  • A link to videos.

Another feature of the company page is a Careers section. For a fee, your company can recruit for open professional opportunities.

Most importantly, job seekers can find out who in their network currently works at your company. Pictures of employees and the number of first and second degree connections add a personal component to the job search. Interested talent can choose to “follow” your page so all of your company’s activity will appear in their own LinkedIn newsfeed. Updates could include:

  • When one of your new hires or recently promoted employees update their LinkedIn profile with a new position.
  • When you post a “company update” on your page such as a link to a job, a welcome announcement for a new hire, or a congratulations for winning an award.

Appearing in a follower’s news feed shows that your company is active, hiring, and promoting from within. It’s an environment where positive news reaches interested followers.

Learn more about company pages on LinkedIn and give your company a social presence today.