Happy Holidays from ABR Employment Services

December 26th, 2011

Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season.

Reminder: ABR branches will be closed on Monday, December 26 in observance of Christmas Day.

ABR branches will also be closed on Monday, January 2 in observance of Christmas Day.

Finding a Match: How Job Searching is Like Dating

December 19th, 2011

Finding a Match: How Job Searching is Like Dating

Some people spend their whole lives searching for that perfect match – and I’m not talking about a significant other. I’m talking about a job. After all, you may be spending the better part of your week dealing with it. Whether you’re looking for a long-term career or a short-term gig, you should know the answers to these questions:

Big Brand or Small Business?

Working for a well-known company looks great on your resume and gives you some bragging rights. Each environment has its own pros and cons. Would you rather get more hands-on experience and the chance to work more closely with your managers?

Full Flexibility or Strict Schedule?

If coming in “around” 9 AM sounds like your kind of language, you may want to avoid a strict 8 AM to 5 PM workday. However, some people need the discipline of a schedule or they’d never get their work done. How well do you manage your own time?

Team Player or Lone Star?

While some love the camaraderie and teamwork that comes with working in a group, others would prefer to tackle a task completely solo. Think back to school projects or sports teams – when did you do your best work?

In the Shadow or In the Spotlight?

Putting on a smile, representing your company, and keeping up conversation are just a few responsibilities of a customer-facing role. Cowering in fear just thinking about it? You might be better of in a behind-the-scenes position without the added stress.

Still unsure what your ideal match is? Consider checking out the free tests in the career library at ABR JobConnect. These assessments are written in plain language and don’t take long to take.

3 Obstacles That May Slow Your Job Search this Holiday

December 12th, 2011

It’s “the most wonderful time of the year,” but that doesn’t mean your job search should be wrapped away like a gift and left unopened for a few weeks. Follow these tips this holiday and you’ll be thankful that you’re a step ahead of the rest come the new year.

1. Lazy Days Off
December and January bring more than a few days where offices – and your personal job search – will shut down for food, family, and fun. Remedy those lost hours by jumping right back into your search the next morning. You should be all rested and relaxed after all! Finding a new opportunity is a full-time job and you should be as dedicated as any employee.

2. The Hustle and Bustle
If your to-do list is as long as Santa’s, random afternoons can easily turn into list-making sessions, gift-wrapping bonanzas, or envelope-licking sprees. Create a strict weekly schedule that includes plenty of room for holiday errands and your job search. Dedicate at least a couple hours per day first thing in the morning to search for a new opportunity. Set a goal to apply to “X” amount of jobs per week.

3. Everyone Else
It’s the season of giving which means you’ll be spending a lot of time shopping for others or preparing your home for guests. But it’s important to remember yourself this holiday. What are your needs? Don’t feel guilty about buying cookies (instead of baking them), stocking up on gift cards for presents, or sending less personalized holiday cards if it means you can dedicate a few more hours to your job search this week.

Need a tool to help manage your job search? Check out ABR  JobConnect. Register online today.

How To Work More Effectively with Your Staffing Provider in 2012

December 5th, 2011

2011 is drawing to a close.  Time to take stock of your company, evaluate your business relationships and plan for the year ahead.

So how would you describe your current relationship with your staffing service?

  1. Playing the field – you’re still shopping around for “The One” – that perfect staffing service.
  2. Getting to know you – you hire the occasional on-time (temporary) employee, but don’t know too much about your current supplier.
  3. Going steady – you regularly use staffing and have a preferred supplier.

No matter what phase you are in, these tips will help you take your staffing relationship “to the next level” by working more effectively together.  And if you have a fear of commitment, consider this:  a more successful relationship with your staffing supplier means better results for your company.  Here are some ways to achieve them:

Plan ahead.

It’s never too soon to discuss an anticipated need with your staffing service.  By giving your provider adequate lead-time, you optimize your chances of finding an ideal candidate for the assignment – especially if the position is difficult to fill.

Be thorough when ordering.

A well-placed order will yield a better quality fill.  So before you pick up the phone, consider the following criteria:

  1. Type of need – if the position is on-time (temporary) or direct (permanent).
  2. Quantity – how many individuals you require.
  3. Job description – define and prioritize specifics for each position about required skills and experience, job responsibilities, expectations, and performance goals and standards.
  4. Personality traits – the types of behavioral traits that will best fit your corporate culture.

Get to know one another better.

  1. Learn more about your staffing provider’s full range of capabilities.  Beyond merely filling orders, your provider can: show you ways to save money; increase your flexibility; and provide valuable employment-related expertise.  Request a facilities tour or capabilities demonstration to learn all your staffing provider can do for you.
  2. Help them get to know you better.  Invite your staffing representative in to tour your location, meet your employees, and see first-hand how your organization operates.

Achieve Better Staffing Results in 2012

ABR Employment Services would like to learn more about your company’s goals and needs for the upcoming year.  We’d also welcome the opportunity to show you what we can do for your organization.  To schedule a tour or capabilities demonstration, contact us today.