Three Reasons Why You Didn’t Get Hired

April 27th, 2012

Photo Credit: Andres Allport

With a tough job economy and an Internet that sometime seems like a black hole for resumes, it’s hard to stay positive throughout the job search. What did I do wrong? What am I missing? Will I ever get hired? It’s easy to let these questions run through your head on an endless loop. But sometimes it’s really not you – it’s them. Here are just of a few of the reasons you weren’t hired that are out of your hands.

1. Someone was internally promoted.
Some companies post every position online – even when they know a current employee is an obvious shoe-in for the position. If a listing was only placed online for a week, this may be a good sign that there were a lot of internal applicants already lined up.

2. The job listing is out of date.
Recruiting can be as stressful and time-consuming as the job application process itself. A listing may stay online a week after enough qualified candidates have already been found. It’s unfortunate for you, the job seeker, but that’s why it’s important to apply to job listings as early as possible.

3. The position isn’t right for you.
The tough job economy has been tough on companies, too. Some previous full-time positions have been listed as temporary positions and salaries have been approved at a much lower level than desired. The company may know that you’re overqualified and deserve a higher pay, and they may be forced to go with an entry-level candidate instead.

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