Choosing The Right Staffing Solution For Your Business

May 17th, 2012

Speed. Quality. Convenience. Cost. These are just a few of the benefits employers love about staffing services. But supplemental labor is not free – and hiring managers must validate their spending and prove to executive management that increased efficiencies are coming at the right cost.

Whether you’re looking for short term, project-based, or long-term staffing solutions, there’s a unique strategy behind each type of hire. Luckily, there’s another benefit hidden throughout this process: hard-working and properly managed supplemental employees can often make great candidates for full-time openings when they do arise. For example, ABR Employment Services uses the latest technology, innovative recruiting strategies, extensive testing and screening, and a quality orientation process to deliver the best employees – so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they might land a permanent spot on your staff. See which  solution makes most sense for your business:

Traditional  Employees
Some employees may only be working for you for a few days or a few months, but they are just as important as your core workforce.  Traditional temporary staffing solutions can improve productivity when used the right way – and it all starts with the right hire. An experienced staffing agency will know where to look for the right person as long as you can determine the required skills and ideal personality traits for the position. Upon hiring, a solid orientation and training program is a must – ask if your staffing agency can offer guidance or conduct the initial training for you.

Seasonal  Employees

Overwhelmed by a seasonal increase in work or a sudden, large-scale project? Ask if your staffing vendor can design a customized comprehensive strategic solution for you. Provide a clear set of performance expectations and your staffing agency can take it from there. Beyond orientation and training, they can negotiate pay rate, provide coaching and feedback, and terminate or discuss further job opportunities with temporary employees. That leaves you with more time – and money – to focus on the pressing issue: your business.

Long-Term  Employees

If you plan on partnering with vendors for the long term, it’s important to prepare your current staff for the changes that co-employment may bring. Your staffing agency may be able to effectively manage the non-core workforce and supervise secondary vendors – in turn, reducing training, decreasing turnover, and increasing production. ABR provides quantitative financial and operational date to help you evaluate our program – we want to be held accountable for its success!

For more information about any of these staffing solutions, contact any of our ABR locations today.

About ABR
ABR Employment Services provides employment opportunities to job seekers and staffing solutions to employers throughout Wisconsin. ABR provides temporary, try-before-hire and direct hire  job opportunities in: customer service, data entry, receptionist, office assistant, administrative assistant, assembly, packaging, machine operator, warehouse, janitorial, CNC, welder, forklift, maintenance, and call center.

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