3 Ways To Rev Up Your Job Search

May 29th, 2012

Photo Credit: Angela Archer

It’s hard to stay motivated during a job search especially if you haven’t landed any interviews, heard any feedback, or found a position that truly excites you. But the universe isn’t going to hand you a job – you have to keep hunting until you find one. Here are a few ways to breathe new life into a stale job search.

1. Never Stop Applying

It doesn’t matter how many applications you’ve filled out – keep applying. Quality is more important than quantity so seek out jobs that you’re qualified for and be sure to tailor your resume to each position. Don’t have one? Learn how to create a great resume.

2. Talk to People

Sending off resumes into cyberspace is only half the job search. You must pick up the phone or meet people face-to-face as well. That means following up on positions you’ve applied for, attending job fairs, and taking former coworkers or bosses out to coffee for advice.

3. Ask for Help

A staffing agency is a great resource to utilize when looking for work. While you’re looking for a job – and even while you’re not – a staffing firm is a great resource! Registering with ABR Employment Services is free and you’ll even get great benefits like insurance and vacation pay.

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