3 Things NOT To Include On Your Resume

July 2nd, 2012

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While there are many key elements to include on every resume, there are more than a few things that should never appear on yours. Remember that each item – even down to each word – should be doing one thing: helping you get hired. If it’s not, take it out. Read this list then edit down your resume to make it as strong as it can be:

 1. Irrelevant Experience

It’s great that you were a costume character at a theme park for one summer or that you were a lifeguard in high school, but if you can’t find a way to tailor that experience to the current position you’re applying for, it may be best to leave it off your resume. The same goes for long-ago positions that flow onto a second page and were from a time when you were pursuing a different career path.

2. Information That’s Too Personal

Occasionally a resume will include a line about interests and hobbies. Reconsider adding this bit of information. The interview is a great time to show off your personality and quirks. There’s no need to include the fact that you like fishing and running on your resume, or that you’re a proud mom to three kids. Keep it career focused.

3. Crazy Fonts and Colors

The best resumes are the simplest ones. When laying out a resume or filling out an application, you should be concerned with only one question: is it easy to read? If a hiring manager has to squint to decipher a unique font, sloppy handwriting, or faded type, you’re only hurting the chances that he or she will continue to read your resume.

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