How Recruiters Can Use Social Media Effectively

July 16th, 2012

From reaching a new audience to gathering social referrals, there are more than a few ways that social recruitment can help your company. But when it comes to social presences, if you build it, they will not come. Sometimes even sharing unique content, creating an engaging voice, and having constant interaction with your followers isn’t enough. But fear not. It’s actually the simplest power tricks that can help you utilize social media smartly and effectively. Here are just a few ways to bring more attention to your campaigns:

Using Images to Your Advantage

A blog post is nothing without a photo. Sometimes a great title can slightly pique a reader’s interest, but an engaging image can instantly draw in a reader. And an eye-catching picture will help more than just your blog post – it can help your other social networks as well.

Share links to your blog posts on your company’s Facebook page and the social network will generate a preview image along with the title of your post. You must compete with all the other posts that appear in your follower’s feeds. An interesting image does the work for you.

While Pinterest is a social network that’s image-based (users “pin” pictures to themed boards and can “re-pin” content from other users they follow or from keywords they’ve search), the website’s power users are also looking to share useful tips and articles. Pin the image associated with your blog post and be sure to include the title as well.

How Hashtags Help

A hashtag is nothing more than a keyword with a “#” placed in front. It helps searchers on social networks find posts, tweets, and pins of interest.

When pinning a blog post on Pinterest, be sure to add any relevant hashtags after the title of the post. It will increase the chance that a user will find and re-pin your pin, thus increasing traffic to your site. Also, be sure to categorize your boards. While Pinterest is image-based, the words do much of the work.

On Twitter, hashtags operate the same way as Pinterest. Whether posting a job description or just a random comment, be sure to add a hashtag (#jobs, #jobadvice,  #marketingjobs, #protip, etc.) with every tweet. When users search for a hashtag in the search bar, all tweets with that hashtag will appear – including yours.

Linking Your Links

The easiest way to ensure that potential followers can find your social presences is by spotlighting them on your website. Include large icons on your home page as well as small icons in your email signatures.

But you don’t have to stop there. Link your social media accounts to each other by including URLs in your bios, posting your Twitter handle on Facebook, or by adding links to your social media presences at the end of every blog post. Again, if you build it, they won’t necessarily come. You have to lead them there!

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