3 Ways to Take Control of Your Job Search

July 30th, 2012

You can’t change your experience, but you can change the present. And if your job search is looking rather bleak, it might be time to take things back into your own hands. It’s not just about mindlessly applying for more positions. It’s about having the right mindset. Before you apply for one more job, stop and make these changes:

1. Let Go

When you’re trying to take charge, how can the first step be letting go? Because even if you didn’t get the last five jobs you applied for, it might not be your fault. There could be many reasons why you didn’t get hired that are completely out of your control. Part of being in control is knowing that you can’t control everything. It will keep you sane.

2. Have a Positive Outlook

The biggest thing you can change is your attitude. Don’t let every “no” get you down. Use it as motivation for your next application. Remind yourself that it only takes one offer before your gainfully employed again. And remember, every application is great practice for when you do finally land an interview for your dream position. Interviewing and applying is an art, and you’ll get better at it the more you do it.

3. Get Confident

Your confidence is present everywhere: in your voice during a phone interview, in your body language during an in-person interview, and even in the words on your resume. If you don’t think you’re worthy for the job, why should someone else think you are? Really think about your best traits and translate those skills into each position in which you apply.

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