Social Media Etiquette for Job Seekers

September 4th, 2012

What’s your social media site of choice? Now think hard about the last thing you posted. Would you feel comfortable if a potential employer saw it? That might be the new way job seekers have to think about social media. According to a CareerBuilder survey, 37 percent of employers are researching potential candidates online.

Manage Your Online Presence

It’s up to you to censor the comments, pictures, and links on your online profiles. That includes monitoring inappropriate comments, pictures, and links that friends may be posting, sharing, and tagging you in. At the very least, smart job seekers can take control of their security settings. Here’s how:

On Facebook, go to Privacy Settings>Timeline>Tagging. Here is where you can control who can post on your timeline, who can see those posts, and who can tag you. There’s even an option to review tags before they appear on your timeline. Under How You Connect, change “Who can look up your timeline by name” to “Friends.”

For Photo privacy settings, visit the Photos tab on your profile. Each photo album has separate privacy settings that can be managed by clicking the gear symbol beneath it. Be sure none of these are set to “Public.” It’s a time consuming process, but it’s important to take control of your online image.

Don’t Stop There

It’s no joke – many people have been fired over Facebook. That means no bad mouthing your company online, especially because the information you leaked could be confidential. The same goes for pictures at work. It’s too easy to violate a privacy policy. Finally, stay off Facebook at work. But hopefully you already knew that.

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