Finding Your Passion: Questions to Ask When You’re Unemployed

September 24th, 2012

If you find yourself unemployed, a string of worries runs through your mind: Where is my next paycheck coming from? Where will I find my first interview? Who will be my references? But there is one question that is often overlooked: what do I want to do with my life?

While unemployment is not often a choice and it doesn’t always come at the best time, the word itself is clouded with negative connotations. But unemployment might not be such a terrible thing. In fact, unemployment means opportunity – and life can never have too many opportunities! Here are a few questions to ask yourself before diving into the job search:

1. Am I Happy in My Career?

A period of unemployment may be a great chance to change direction. After all, it’s possible to translate your skills to a new career. Assess your strengths and find a need for them in the marketplace. You may be more qualified for your dream career than you think.

2. What Do I Really Like?

It’s true that job searching is like dating. Just like in a mate, there are basic qualities in every job or company that may or may not appeal to you. Find out what environment, schedule, and organization inspires you and makes you excel in your field.

3. Am I Ready to Start Applying?

It may take a bit of soul searching to really narrow down what type of work you’d like to pursue. And that’s OK. After all, a more productive job search is one that is focused yet opportunistic.

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