Talent Recommendation – ABR is Above the Rest

October 23rd, 2012

ABR regularly receives testimonials and letters of thanks from our Talent. We recently received the following from DeJuan Alexander:

My name is Dejuan Alexander and I came to Green Bay looking to start a new life. I had visited the city and fell in love with it right away so when I went back to Chicago (my home town) I started looking for staffing services online in the Green Bay area. I ran across the ABR website and I applied online. I had a phone interview a couple of days later. After the phone interview, I was given an office interview a week later and what happen that day changed the way I looked at staffing services.

In the past, my dealings with employment services hasn’t been nice I always felt when dealing with them that I wasn’t a person and my employment needs was really never met. I was just placed where there was an a opening and felt more like I was there just to make those employment services money with all my hard work. I never felt like I was an employee, just a work horse, and used to make money for the services. Well after coming to ABR they changed my whole outlook.

The staff at ABR was very polite and took the time out to sit down and address my employment needs. I am now working for ABR at a very nice company. I’ve been to a lot different services and I have to say that ABR and their staff are above all the rest. I would highly recommend ABR to anyone who is looking for work. Go to ABR  for employment assistance!

DeJuan Alexander

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