How Employer Branding Can Help Attract Top Talent

November 19th, 2012

What’s an “employer brand?” It’s your image. Your reputation. Your values. You might be the greatest place to work, but unless it’s conveyed in your branding, potential employees – and top talent – will walk on by. When an employee interviews well, they’ll focus on how they can help you. But secretly, all they want to know is how you can help them. Stay ahead of the competition when it comes to recruitment. Start defining your brand now:

Test the Waters

Think about your company’s culture and values. What are people saying about your company right now? Do a Google search or ask a few employees to define your employer brand in their own words. Is it far from where you stand? If it is, you really need to take the branding into your own hands instead of letting others declare it for you.

Think about the Competition

Just as there is competition between candidates, there is competition between employees. In order for top talent to pick your company over Company X, you need to stand out. What’s unique about your culture and values? Take a trip to the competition’s careers website – what can you do to make yours even better? What do they do right? What do they do wrong?

Get Inspired

Companies like Zappos and Google have their pick of the best of the best. Top talent is clawing each other to get into their doors. It’s all thanks to their excellent career sites and outstanding employer brands. It’s not even about their products or the positions available – Zappos and Google have built an aura around their employees and the work environment itself. That’s what you need to do.

Define Who You’re Looking For

Part of your brand should be focused around your employees – your company wouldn’t be anything without them. And your recruiting strategy will be more successful when you can easily determine which candidates will excelin your workplace. So, who are they? What kind of skills and personality traits make your workforce great? Be really specific here.

Gather Testimonials

A great careers site has more than just a list of benefits, a mission statement, and a history of the company. That’s not really what potential candidates are looking for. They want more. So, publish great quotes from current employees, or even better – make a video. Go into detail about your unique work environment and the exclusive opportunities your employees take advantage of every day. Make potential candidates want to work for you right now.

Never Stop Recruiting

With a strong employer brand and a great careers site, there’s no reason to ever stop recruiting. You don’t want to stop the momentum. Create a pipeline of qualified candidates. Stay in touch with potential hires. Don’t wait until a position opens up. Fill your employees in on your new employer brand, and put value on your employee referral program. Your own staff definitely knows what it takes to be successful at your company.

Once you have the talent, you’ll want to keep them – right? Read our tips for how top companies keep top talent.

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