Top Tips for Beating Long-Term Unemployment

April 22nd, 2013

While it’s true the Wisconsin unemployment rate has come down since it peaked during the recession at 9.2% in early 2010, there are still folks that have not found employment.

Long-term unemployment can take a toll on your well-being, your family, and your lifestyle. Sometimes you need someone to grab you by the shoulders and shake a little confidence into you. Consider this your shoulder shake. You can get through this!

Stay positive.

It’s hard not to beat yourself up. But you have to stay motivated throughout your search, even when all hope seems lost. It takes only one job offer to get you out of unemployment status. Plus, have you considered these three reasons why you didn’t get hired? (Hint: it might have been totally out of your hands!)

 Change your direction.

If you’re not finding success with your current search, give it a revamp. Reassess your skills and qualifications and translate those skills into a new career. Yes, it’s really possible!

Set goals.

You won’t get through an extended job search without a daily schedule that commits a certain amount of time to your future career. Maybe it’s “Work on my job search at least 2 hours per day,” or “Apply to 10 jobs each week.” Don’t let a day go by until your goals are met.

 Branch Out

A job search isn’t only about sending out applications online. Your time can – and should – be spent networking, attending job fairs, browsing potential opportunities, or getting a free resume review with ABR Job Connect.

Service Resources

You may also want to look to Forward Service Corporation for assistance. FSC offers a wide range of services to help adults develop the skills, attitudes and commitment necessary to fulfill their educational and employment goals and succeed in today’s world of work. The FSC mission is to “promote self-sufficiency for individuals in disadvantaged situations through education, employment and support services that ensure quality engagement and personal choice”.

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