Stuck in a Work Rut? 3 Ways to Re-energize Your Career

May 6th, 2013


There comes a point in everyone’s career where they start to feel…uninspired. Call it ‘being in a rut’ if you will. We know it’s hard to stay positive at work, especially if you aren’t feeling challenged. But even if you love your job, the day-in and day-out responsibilities can get monotonous at times. The solution is one part change, one part inspiration, and one part growth. Here are three ways you can re-energize your career:

1. Sign up for a “just for fun” class.

Have you always been interested in photography? Or woodworking? Or cooking? Enroll in a “just for fun” class that’s completely brand new to you. Even though the curriculum doesn’t directly impact your work skills, it will challenge your mind. With challenge comes creativity. And that inspiration might rub off on your day job as well.

2. Sign up for a career-relevant course.

One way to re-energize your career is to work toward a goal. Be it a promotion or a degree or a skill. Taking a class that supports this goal is one step in the right direction.  Your local community college likely offers courses related to your career goals.

3. Join a professional organization or network within the industry.
Many fields have a professional organization that holds meet-ups and industry events in different cities across the country. If you’re an administrative professional, the International Association of Administrative Professionals is worth checking out.  Or, if you’re a CNC Machinist, LinkedIn’s CNC/Machining/Manufacturing network (they currently have 18,383 members) may be a good resource.

Networking with people in similar positions helps you understand the universal pitfalls and plusses of your career. You might learn of a new tactic or strategy that would work great in your workplace. Or you might just find solace in speaking to other people who understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes. Either way, joining a community can bring more satisfaction and happiness to your day job.

Have a tip to share with your fellow job seekers on what you did to get out of a rut? Comment below.

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