Congratulations to Performance Recognition Award Recipients

July 31st, 2013
Kristin Kracaw,ABR Manitowoc Branch Manager (left) presents Wendy Bialek with an Employee Recognition Certificate.

Kristin Kracaw, ABR Manitowoc Branch Manager (left) presents Wendy Bialek (right) with an Employee Recognition Certificate.

As part of ABR’s commitment to being a Candidate-Centric place to work, we publicly recognize and reward outstanding Talent performance through awards and bonuses.

ABR would like to recognize the following recipients of the quarterly Performance Recognition Award:

  • Wendy Bialek (Manitowoc)
  • Chevie Kollross (Green Bay)
  • Heidi Nelson (Madison)
  • Jodi Erdman  (Stevens Point)

Congratulations! We’re proud to have such great employees!

My Experience Working Through ABR Has Always Been Positive

July 30th, 2013

ABR regularly receives testimonials and letters of thanks from our Talent. We recently received the following from Dana Burns:

“My experience working through ABR Employment Services has always been positive. I recommend ABR to any person I know who is searching for a career opportunity. After the initial application and meetings with ABR, the agency takes over the job search for you and makes it easier and less stressful to search, apply, and interview for jobs than it is on your own. ABR has always been quick to locate a position that is a good fit for me and my skill set.

The staff is always on the same page and I feel comfortable speaking with any staff member. I receive friendly, sincere conversation and excellent information consistently. The ladies always show understanding and caring to make sure that you are happy with the job placement and that the client’s need are met as well.

While working through ABR on several different assignments, I have met many employers and hiring managers who would love to have me as an employee in the future. Because of these networking connections, I already have contacts and references that will be an enormous benefit during my future permanent job search. Thank you ABR!!!”

Dana Burns

Client Testimonial: Laugh Your Way America

July 26th, 2013

ABR regularly receives testimonials and letters of thanks from our clients. We recently received the following from the Senior Events Coordinator at Laugh Your Way America:

As a former contract employee and having experienced several different agencies through the year, ABR Employment Services was my first choice when we had a need to fill. They quickly shared a relevant and talented pool of candidates to meet. Our final selection was such a great fit and an outstanding match we decided to hire her before the contract expired! ABR exceeded our expectations, are easy to work with and driven to deliver exceptional services

Janna Turner, Sr. Events Coordinator, Laugh Your Way America

How to Deliver Bad News to Employees

July 18th, 2013

Let’s face it. Unless you’re a masochist that thrives on other’s misery, no one enjoys delivering bad news. It’s uncomfortable which makes it hard to do. But, if you’re an HR Manager or hiring manager, it comes with the job. Finding the best way to deliver bad news on everything from layoffs to salary freezes to personal reprimands is something that even leaders at top companies struggle with.

Don’t Avoid the Negative

One of the biggest problems with delivering bad news is procrastination. Avoiding talking to your employees until the last possible minute will only exasperate their reaction, says Dana Bristol-Smith the founder of Speak for Success, a business communication consultant.

If a single-employee situation needs to be addressed, it’s better to get it out of the way as soon as the problem arises rather than letting it metastasize, which can create a toxic work environment.

If it’s a company-wide announcement—such as layoffs, mergers, or tough financial news—you should take charge and address the issue quickly. If you don’t, you open the door to churning of the rumor mill, which could spread false information and sow discord among the staff.

Be Clear and Direct

Keep the message brief, direct, and don’t sugar-coat it. Avoid lengthy explanations, giving advanced statements hinting at the news or circling around the hard truth in the middle. If you do these things, your employees are bound to wonder what is going to happen and if you give too much information, you’ll lose the directness of the message.

Experts also say repeating the message several times helps it sink in. David G. Javitch, an organizational psychologist, recommends framing the message by starting with a short positive statement (things that have been going well in the company that year) followed by the negative statement and then a change statement that explains what is going to be different as a result of the bad news. That way employees understand what the change—layoffs, salary freezes or the like—will allow your company to do in the future.

Take Ownership of the Problem

If you’re the one making the announcement—whether in a group setting or a one-on-one meeting—you need to take ownership of the decision.

To hold on to the trust of your employees, you need to have your own emotions in check. You might not be able to share the whole story about the company’s decision with the staff, but you should be able to explain what caused it.

“If it’s an economic issue or sales are down, tell people what the situation is so they know and they can understand it,” Bristol-Smith says. “Will it prevent them from feeling terrible? No, but at least they know that it’s not personal.”

Let Timing, and Medium, be Part of the Message

No one wants to hear bad news from a boss via e-mail. But unfortunately, that is happening more and more these days.

If it’s a large announcement that affects many employees, breaking them into small groups can help, Javitch says. Small groups feel more connected, and allow people to feel more comfortable about asking questions.

But a large group setting has advantages too: If everyone hears the same message at once, rumors or false information are less likely to spread throughout your company.

If it’s a one-on-one situation, it’s best to have someone else in the room with you and the employee, such as a human resources representative.

For good measure, you should allow for a question-and-answer session after you announce most big news.  Taking suggestions for how to improve the situation makes employees feel engaged in the process, Javitch says. You can ask: “What would you do in my shoes?”

Employees will judge you by your actions in both good times and bad. Handling the bad poorly will sabotage the future productivity.

Have a tip to share with your fellow HR professionals on how you successfully delivered bad news to an employee? Share it below.


ABR Madison Customer Service Job Fair July 12

July 9th, 2013


If you have strong customer service skills and a steady work history, we want to talk with you! ABR Employment Services in partnership with HSA Home Warranty are holding a job fair this Friday, July 12, 2013 from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at:

ABR Employment Services
6808 Odana Road
Suite 201
Madison, WI 53719

ABR is recruiting for 16 stellar Inbound Customer Service professionals to start on July 22. Pay is $10 per hour. All positions are first shift, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., try-before-hire opportunities. The positions are located in Cross Plains, WI.

Please apply online at before the job fair.  Questions? Call us at  608-827-5818. We look forward to working with you! AA/EOE

HOT Jobs – Green Bay, WI

July 1st, 2013


The first week of each month, we’ll spotlight ‘Hot Jobs’; open jobs we are actively recruiting for. This week, we feature 22 current open opportunities, some of which are direct hire,  from our ABR Green Bay branch:

Administrative Assistant
Call Center
Printing- 40″ Diecutter
Printing-Pocket Folder Operator
Printing-Folder, Stitcher
Production – Grinder
Production Grinding
Administrative Assistant
Call Center
Event Scheduler
Quality Technician
Quality Technician- 2nd Shift
Custom Fabrication
Production Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Water Jet Operator
Route Driver – Class A CDL

Know of someone that can do your job just as great as you do? Refer them to ABR! If your referral is hired and meets our referral criteria, you could receive a $50 bonus in your next check!

About ABR
ABR Employment Services provides employment opportunities to job seekers and staffing solutions to employers throughout Wisconsin and in Winona, MN. ABR provides temporary, try-before-hire and direct hire job opportunities in: customer service, data entry, receptionist, office assistant, administrative assistant, assembly, packaging, machine operator, warehouse, janitorial, CNC, welder, forklift, maintenance, and call center. Connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn for job seeking tips and advice.