Avoid These 3 Job Search Mistakes

August 26th, 2013


A job search is hard enough – there’s no need to make it even harder on yourself. When you’re feeling frustrated, it’s important to stay cool, calm, and collected during all stages of the interview process. These are the simple mistakes that make recruiters look away – while you’re left looking for a job.

 1. You Dropped the Name… of Someone You Don’t Even Know.

Maybe a close friend offered up the name of one of their connections who works at this company. Unless you have explicitly spoken with that person and asked their permission to use them as a reference, you should not mention their name on an application or in an interview. This advice goes both ways. Don’t offer up the name of your connections to a job-seeking friend unless you were given permission. Here are the right ways to build up your reference arsenal.

2. You Applied for a Great Position… But You’re Not Even Qualified

You’ve found the perfect position. There’s just one problem: you’re not really, technically qualified. Unfortunately, you need to move on. It’s a waste of your time and a recruiter’s time. But what if you exaggerated your experiences just a little bit? Stop, right there. You know your limitations. Instead, focus on what you can do.

3. You Incessantly Follow Up… and Get Angry That You Haven’t Heard Back.

While the anticipation of a potential interview or job offer can consume every waking moment of your life, the same cannot be said for those making the hiring decisions. They are recruiting for multiple jobs at one time and you never know if something has come up and stalled the hiring process. You can get angry privately, but don’t show it to the potential employer. Be patient. The outcome will eventually be revealed to you. And if this does not work out, something else will come up.

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