How to Explain a Lay-Off Or Firing During Your Interview

January 13th, 2014

It’s awkward. It’s emotional. And no one wants to talk about it, especially during an interview. If you went through a lay-off or were fired, the prospect of your next interview might seem daunting. But potential employers aren’t looking to shun you, they just need to know what happened. Here are two steps to get you through this interview obstacle:

Step 1: State the Facts

There are certain things you must say in an interview, and then there are certain things that you most definitely should not say in an interview.  Bad-mouthing your former employer is one of those things. Even if your boss was a horrible person, and even if the company laid off a bunch of employees for no good reason, and if even if you’ve been really depressed about losing your job, you have to remain professional. Briefly state the facts then move on.

Step 2: Give It a Positive Spin

Once you’ve covered the brief details of why you’re unemployed, do a quick flip. Focus on what you’ve been doing since you’ve been laid off or how your positive attitude has gotten you over this obstacle. Rehearse a little speech on how you’re ready to tackle a new challenge and you’re looking forward to the future. You should always have a “tell me about yourself” answer rehearsed and ready, and after you’ve been laid off or fired, this is especially important.

The rest of your interview should be business as usual. Remain positive and confident. Your potential employer won’t even remember that dreaded question if the rest of your interview outshines it. So be prepared. Be practiced. And that’s all there is to it.

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