Prevent Work Injury With Safe Stretching

December 22nd, 2014

Follow these illustrated safe stretching how to’s for workplace injury prevention.

Pectoral Stretch For Chest, Shoulders and Upper Back











  • Clasp your hands behind your head.
  • Tuck your chin; press the back of your head into your hands, and press your elbows back.
  • Hold this position for a count of three seconds, relax, and repeat this exercise five times.

Wrist and Finger Extension – Stretches Wrist and Fingers







  • Clench your hand into a fist. Hold this position for three seconds.
  • Relax, and repeat this stretch five times on each hand.
  • Now open your hand spreading the fingers as wide as possible. Hold this position for three seconds.
  • Relax, and repeat this stretch five times on each hand.

 Lower Back Stretches For Back Disks













  • Standing up straight with your feet slightly apart, place your hands in the hollow of your back. Support yourself, and use a helper as needed.
  • Focus your eyes on a point straight ahead, and bend slightly backwards without bending your knees.
  • Don’t hold this position. Return carefully to the upright position.

Our number one goal is to keep you healthy and safe at work. Stretching is useful for both injury prevention and injury treatment. If you would like additional examples of stretching exercises to prevent workplace injury, please contact your ABR Representative or workplace supervisor.


The December Free Rent and a job! Winner Is…

December 18th, 2014

December Free Rent and a job! winner, Andrea Mora.

Andrea Mora of Wisconsin Rapids did not know what to think as Fey Printing President Scott C. Gasch, Vice President Keith Gasch, LuAnn Martinson, Human Resources Manager/Financial Controller, Char Plowman, Bindery Supervisor and staff from ABR Employment Services walked into the break room. Andrea has been working at Fey Printing since November as an assembler through ABR, a workforce solutions company.

She and other members of the bindery team were called into the break room for an announcement. Her initial thought was one of her fellow employees won the $50 prize in ABR’s Ugly Sweater Contest.

Andrea was right. Sort of. A prize was about to be given out, but for a lot more than $50.

“ABR values you and wanted to do something to make a difference in your life”, ABR Employment Services CEO Jim McNett said. “That’s why we launched our Free Rent and a job! talent appreciation campaign this past October. For each week you work, those in good standing automatically receive an entry into our monthly sweepstakes for a chance to win $1,000 to pay your rent, mortgage, or use as needed. And the December winner, randomly selected by American Sweepstakes and Promotion Company out of 4,453 entries is…Andrea Mora”.

A teary eyed Andrea said, “Oh my God…I can’t believe it. Thank you! This is such a blessing.”

The November Free Rent and a job! winner was Austin McCain, an employee with ABR in Appleton.

“My husband told me he had been saving all year to get something nice for me for Christmas”, Andrea said. “After we finished shopping for the kids, I did not know how I was going to be able to get something for him. And now I can! It will be something special. And, we will have money left over to get caught up on some bills.”

Andrea had worked as a supplemental employee — ABR refers to these folks as their ‘Talent’ – a decade ago. Due to some life circumstances, Andrea came back to ABR this past October, looking for a change. In November, she started at Fey Printing, working with 20 other ABR Talent.

During the check presentation ceremony, Andrea’s colleagues did not walk away empty handed. The ABR staff brought everyone a t-shirt and cookies, so no one would feel left out.

An avid reader, one of Andrea’s favorite inspirational quotes is by Hazef, a Persian poet, about having faith:

“And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth,
“You owe me.”
Look what happens with love like that.
It lights up the sky.”

ABR hopes we have lit up Andrea’s sky, making Christmas for her and her family a bit brighter.

ABR Is A Fantastic Job Resource for Work

December 15th, 2014


 ABR regularly receives testimonials and letters of thanks from our Talent. We recently received the following from Stephen Dumke (ABR Appleton):

ABR has been a fantastic resource for me in finding me work. The staff go above and beyond when looking for a job  you find suitable, what they pay, your interests and what type of work you would like to do. I’ve been incredibly amazed at the speed in which finding me various jobs and positions has been achieved. It relieves stress from your mind when you know they are working so hard to find you work and within days, not weeks, they have found you something.

So in this sense, it takes the wondering where my next paycheck is coming from out of the equation! Everyone  is always very kind and polite, and they always go out of their way to make sure you like what you’re doing and are comfortable with it. The service and how they treat you as an employee is nothing short of outstanding. I would definitely recommend their services for anybody who’s having trouble finding a job in this tough job market to give them a call and have them help you find a career!

My Job Is Rewarding; I Love What I Do!

December 8th, 2014

Photo by Deb Cleworth, Daily Tribune Media

Photo by Deb Cleworth, Daily Tribune Media. Shown: ABR Stevens Point Talent Sally Flanegan enjoys her job at the WI Rapids Lowell Center.

This article has been reprinted with permission from the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune.

Sally Flanagan remembers her birthday – and not because it was necessarily spectacular.

The day before her birthday, she go laid off her job of almost 25 years; she was seventh in line for seniority. After spending the day with her puppy, the dog was hit and killed by a car, one hour before the midnight bell that would declare Flanagan another year older.

“So I took the summer off”, said Flanagan, 53, of Nekoosa, now the volunteer coordinator at the Lowell Center.

The Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln graduate started at Pacific International when she was 19. She worked her way up from word processing to case management.

“It was kind of when I discovered customer service and that I had a knack for relating to people,” Flanagan said.

After being laid off, she registered with ABR Employment Services in Stevens Point, a temporary staffing agency.

“The first interview they sent me on was this one – ‘click,’ Flanagan said, referring to the Lowell Center position.

Normally a shy person when out of her element, Flanagan said the interview just felt right.

“It was like magic,” she said.

She got called the next day with the job offer.

“It was like it was meant to be,” she said. “I didn’t realize there were great jobs out there like this – when you get the job that’s the right fit, it’s amazing; it’s wonderful.”

Flanagan works with Joan Kranig, program coordinator.

“She does the programming, and I make sure they get off the ground,” Flanagan said. “We make a great team, I think.”

“…[my job] is so rewarding…to show up for work everyday with people you love – there’s no better feeling. I love what I do so much, plus I get paid! How lucky can a girl be?”

You Set Me Up With An Unbelievable Opportunity ABR

December 3rd, 2014

THANK YOU on speech bubble price labels

ABR regularly receives testimonials and letters of thanks from our Talent. We recently received the following from Mark Reinke (ABR Appleton):

You made my being hired on happen. Sure I put in the hard work and took all the overtime I could possibly take. But, you set me up with the unbelievable opportunity laid out before me. I’m very delighted with my position, the surroundings, people and look forward to a long career there.

Since the beginning of September when we first talked of a position being available, I had made it a goal of mine to be hired on permanently by Thanksgiving. It pays to set goals, believe me.

Again, I want to thank you form the bottom of my heart. You have no idea how grateful I am for this opportunity.

Forever in debt to you,
Mark M. Reinke

Thank you Mark! ABR appreciates all of your hard work. We are happy we could assist you in finding a job that you love!

Featured December Webinars: ABR JobConnect

December 2nd, 2014

Your Personal Branding Session, Thursday, 12/4, 11:00 am 

Description: What if you were what every company wanted? What if you were the perfect brand?
It’s crucial when you interview for a job to be able to distinguish yourself from every other candidate. Your part on the interview is to articulate why they should hire you. Who are they hiring? What is your character, track record, and reputation? What can they count on? Through a series of questions, they hope to get to know you. Bottom line, they hope you are the one.

This is an area where many people struggle. We first must learn how to relate to ourselves in a positive way. We first must learn how to deal with all the negative thoughts that are present in our “mental chatter”, clouding our ability to see our full value.

When you are unclear and have difficulty talking about yourself, it’s actually uncomfortable for both you and the person you are interviewing with. You are less likely to share the things about yourself that they need to know in order to hire you. The brand called YOU is one of the most important parts of the whole job search process.

You will learn:
• To polish the diamond. (That diamond is you!)
• How to change the way you think about YOU
• How to boost your self-confidence
• What is your “ME” file and how important this is to your success
• What relationships are absolutely necessary to drive you forward

Watch this webinar and walk away with the competitive edge!

Registration Link:

How to Write An Eye Catching Resume; Tuesday, 12/9, 10:00 am

Description: There’s no reason to let your job search stall during the holiday season. While this may be a busy time of year, it’s also when many hiring managers will receive their budget for 2015. Learn how to write a resume that will help you land a job…keeping your holidays merry and bright!

The lines will be opened for your questions following the presentation.

Registration Link:

Research Salary Before You Apply; Thursday, 12/18, 1:00 pm

Description: Salary will be addressed on employment applications and throughout the interview process. It is for this reason that it is so important to conduct your research before you apply for a job. During this session we will discuss the following:

• Best Resources to research salaries
• The impact of Cost of Living Comparisons
• How to quote a salary that gets you eliminated from consideration
• How NOT to leave any money on the table when negotiating compensation

The lines will be opened for your questions following the presentation.

Registration Link:

Follow Up Is Essential; Tuesday, 12/30, 11:00 am

Description: Developing an effective follow up process is not optional in a successful job search, it is mandatory. A strong follow up can differentiate you from your competition. During this Webinar we will discuss:
• What your follow up says to a potential employer
• When you should follow up
• How “time” kills deals!

The lines will be opened for your questions following the presentation.

Registration Link: