HR Insights – January/February 2015

January 7th, 2015


ABR HR Insights Magazine: January/February Issue

The Magazine for Human Resource Professionals in WI and MN

Happy New Year from everyone at ABR Employment Services. In this edition of ABR HR Insights Magazine you’ll find some note-worthy news about the HR industry and ABR Employment Services.

In this edition, our feature article, “Is Your Company Culture Holding You Back?,” urges companies not to underestimate the role that company culture plays in their efforts to attract and recruit top talent. Check out the article’s six suggestions for nurturing leadership, effective communication, and other culture components.

The theme of leadership runs through some of this issue’s other articles, too. For example, in “Succession Planning Beyond Senior Leadership,” advice is offered for companies to think beyond their current employee rosters and plan ahead in order to ensure their longevity. Also, in “A Secret for Today’s Distracted Leader,” one critical trait that all leaders should actively cultivate among themselves is examined.

Finally, in our last issue, we announced the launch of the ABR “Free Rent and a job!” talent appreciation campaign. We’ve selected two winners since then — Austin McCain, who’s been with ABR since April 2014 and does general plant manufacturing work for one of our clients, Eggers Industries, and Andrea Mora, who has been working at Fey Printing since November as an assembler through ABR. Stay tuned for news about additional winners in future months.

In closing, at the start of the new year many people make resolutions to help them sketch out an improvement plan to follow during the next twelve months. Companies, too, can seize the opportunity. If you’re interested in charting a course toward even more success for your company, we’d love to help!

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