Hand Tool Safety Tips

January 22nd, 2015

Hand Tools





Follow these hand tool safety tips from ABR to keep injuries at bay

Employers are responsible for the safe condition of tools and equipment used by employees. Employees are responsible for reporting tools not in good working order (not performing properly or broken), using the correct tool for the job and proper use of tools.

Before Using Tools

  • Ensure you know how to operate the tool. If you don’t, obtain the necessary training or certification needed to safely operate the tool.
  • Inspect all hand tools before they are used. Even employee-owned tools used on a job site should be inspected before use.
  • Inspect handles for cracks
  • Make sure blades are sharp and in good condition
  • Make sure striking surfaces are solid and free of worn edges or mushrooming that could create a flying debris hazard

During Tool Use

  • Follow the instructions. Hand tools are designed to be used under particular manufacture-specified conditions and only used for their intended purpose.
  • Use the recommended personal protective equipment; in many cases safety glasses and/or gloves should be used
  • Practice extra caution when conditions or tasks to be performed may require the need to hold the hand tool in an awkward position

Tool Operation Questions Or To Report Unsafe Tools

If you have questions about hand tool operation safety contact your supervisor. To report tools not in good working order, contact your ABR Representative.


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