Featured April Webinars: ABR JobConnect

March 30th, 2015







Register for these free ABR JobConnect Webinars today for job search and career tips. April webinars include:

Re-Think! Finding Your Passion, Purpose and Power

Date: 04/01/2015 11:00 AM

Topic: Re-Think! Finding Your Passion, Purpose and Power
Wednesday, April 1st
11:00 AM

Description: One of the great discoveries you make in life is the answer to the question, “Who am I?” One of the deepest needs of human existence is to know that our lives count for something; that our gifts and talents are being used to make a difference. Since work is so much a part of our lives, we want it to be meaningful. Are you eager to live the life you deserve yet just don’t know where to start? Do you want to feel passion for life and use it towards your life purpose? It’s time to stop yearning for an extraordinary life, and start living your passion, purpose and power. Stop trying to survive your day to day life and learn to direct your steps with new energy and optimism as you head into the future “you” get to choose. Being in a career transition is a perfect time to explore what’s possible for you.

Come learn how I found my purpose and how you can find yours. You will get inspired to powerfully move forward.

• Learn how to be captain of your own ship
• Learn how to instantly build your self-confidence
• Learn the essentials needed shift your emotions empowering you toward your future
• Learn how to accelerate your success and how to stay on your path
• Learn how to eliminate unwanted habits and behaviors that are holding you back
• Learn what relationships are necessary to drive you forward

When people establish a connection between what they do and a larger effort to change the world for the better, their work becomes an act of passion. The ultimate value you bring to the world. Join us to discover your unique contribution and gain access to all the resources within you to fulfill your passion, purpose, and power. It will be powerful, energizing, inspiring, and fun!

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Learn Insider Secrets to Secure a Job

Date: 04/09/2015 02:00 PM

Topic: Learn Insider Secrets to Secure a Job
Date: Thursday, April 9th
Time: 02:00 PM

Description: There are many techniques used by Professional Recruiters that enable them to communicate with hiring authorities, uncover unadvertised jobs and secure employment for individuals they represent. These same techniques can add momentum to your job search efforts. During this Webinar we will discuss:

• The #1 most effective way to land your next job
• The #2 most effective way to land your next job
• Specific steps you can take to obtain better results in your job search

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Write Your Resume Like a Pro

Date: 04/14/2015 10:00 AM

Topic: Write Your Resume Like a Pro
Date: Tuesday, April 14th
Time: 10:00 AM

In this webinar, tips and strategy will be delivered by a professional resume writer on how to get your resume noticed by hiring managers. This presentation is a must attend, no matter if you are an entry-level job seeker or a C-level executive.

ABR Free Rent and a Job Winner Justin Otto

March 25th, 2015



ABR Free Rent and a Job Winner Justin Otto

Congratulations to Justin Otto of ABR Schofield, the 5th winner in the ABR Free rent and a job employee sweepstakes! Click the image to watch the check presentation.

Justin is a CAD Drafter through ABR at Marathon Electric where he has been working since February 2014.

ABR Best of Staffing Talent Testimonials

March 24th, 2015

Best of Staffing2






ABR is the only staffing agency in Wisconsin to have received the Best of Staffing Award for service quality.

How did ABR receive the Best of Staffing Talent Award five years in a row? We received over 400 ABR Best of Staffing Talent testimonials from survey participants that rated ABR a 9 or 10 for service excellence. Below is a small sampling of what our talent had to say.

ABR Appleton Talent Krystal Kenowski – ABR helped me get in with a reputable company. I worked hard and got hired on permanently.  I am thankful that I was given a chance because I had almost no experience in the manufacturing/production industry.  I now have stable employment with good pay and benefits.

ABR Brookfield Talent Rochelle Wallace – They were extremely helpful and had me gainfully employed within a week. Not only with a job, but with a highly respected reputable company.

ABR La Crosse Talent Mikayla Thornton-Paulson – Everyone at ABR is super friendly and helpful. Every time I call, the representatives know exactly who I am when I say my name. They are very prompt with their responses, and always make me feel important. They seem to truly care about my feelings toward my occupation.

ABR/LHI La Crosse Talent Starr Neumann – ABR has placed me in a company I love working for and a job I look forward to going to everyday.

ABR Madison Talent Ektina Jones – I love working for ABR because they placed me with an excellent employer. This is the best place that I have ever worked!

ABR Manitowoc Talent Gaoleh Lor – The recruiters are very understanding. They call me every now and then to see how things are going with my job placement. I feel comfortable talking to my recruiter; I love that she is always willing to talk about any of my concerns, even when she has so many other potential employees scheduled to meet with her. This is my second time applying through ABR and they have been such a great help! They made my move to Manitowoc so much easier! Thank you for being there for me and my family.

ABR Sparta Talent Zacharie Bauer – They have been amazingly friendly and always kind to me. They are prompt and have wonderful people skills. They were warm to both me and my family. I love working with them. I will be truly sad to move into a permanent position as I will miss them dearly.

ABR Stevens Point Talent Jan Hietpas – ABR has each employee’s best interest at heart, above everything else!  They have the utmost respect for the people they place in jobs and are truly good people, trying to do the best for everyone. They have made my life better in so many ways, that I could never begin to thank them enough!

ABR Sturgeon Bay Talent Christie Schreier – I am very happy with working through ABR. They were able to place me quickly after applying, found a job and hours compatible with me and my schedule. I have been telling all my friends that are searching for work to apply.

ABR Wausau Talent Jessica Griffin – ABR has been quick and efficient in matching me up with a career assignment that’s relevant to my work skills. Their representatives are always friendly and professional during any interaction I’ve had with them. I’m definitely pleased with my experience. Thanks ABR!

What do you love about working for ABR? Leave a comment below.

2015 Best of Staffing Client Testimonials

March 23rd, 2015

Best of StaffingABR Client Testimonials: Service Through our Client’s Eyes

ABR is the only staffing agency in Wisconsin to have received the Best of Staffing Award for service quality.

How did ABR receive the Best of Staffing Client Award four consecutive years in a row? We received over 100 testimonials  from client survey participants that rated ABR a 9 or 10 for service excellence. Below is a small sampling of what these clients had to say.

Follow our Client Testimonial Showcase page on LinkedIn for additional testimonials.

Appleton Client Kelly Kohlbeck – “There was good, open communication throughout the staffing process.  I was also impressed with the quality of reliable candidates that were shared with us and who ultimately filled our operational needs.”

ABR Brookfield Client Michelle Pollard – “Excellent Service, follow up and candidates.”

Green Bay Client – “You always seem to get the people we need or you are up front if you don’t think you can find anyone for us at that time. The staff are friendly.”

La Crosse Client Jeff Guggenbuehl – “I have had very good results with ABR. When I have an issue, my representative takes care of it right away.”

Madison Client Taylor Habel – “I feel like the staff of ABR always does a great job following up and helping us in our search for a temporary position.  I feel that the employees that have been referred to us from ABR are good candidates with a lot of potential.”

Manitowoc Client Maureen Raynier – “The Staff at ABR is always prompt and professional and the applicants they provide are quality people.”

Sparta Client – “Friendly staff, excellent method of pre-qualifying potential candidates, user-friendly online interface, easy billing. The quality of the candidates, the efforts to hold job fairs on our behalf, the unconditional guarantee.”

Stevens Point Client – “I’ve called upon ABR to provide me with employees to work various positions in our company and they do an excellent job of determining the skills of the employees to make sure that they fit our needs.  ABR has provided short term employees as well as long term and we have filled permanent positions as well.  They have a great team that follows up on a regular basis to see how the employees are doing.  I’m most pleased with ABR!”

Sturgeon Bay Client – ABR provides great results; the orders get filled in time.

Wausau Client Randy Blaschka – “I have provided a positive rating primarily because of the quality and type of employees I strive to find and ABR has helped us out at times of difficulty in find short term and long term help. If ABR recommends an employee, its very likely that that employee will become a full time employee. ABR is tremendous to work with!!”





Work Safety Shoes

March 23rd, 2015

 imagesWork Safety Shoes

The following information is brought to you by the ABR Employment Services Safety Committee. If you have any questions about work safety shoes/proper on-the-job footwear, please contact your ABR Representative.

To protect your feet, work safety shoes are essential at work.  Objects could fall and injure your foot. Open-toe shoes are not acceptable so one should wear closed-toe shoes. In addition, shoes should offer proper support and have a non-slip sole.

In addition, to help prevent disabling foot injuries from occurring on the job, foot protection must guard against a host of hazards, ranging from simple dermatitis to crushing injuries caused by impact from heavy objects.

Within this broad range, special attention must be given to the following exposures:

* Caustics and chemicals

* Extreme cold and heat

* Slippery surfaces

* Puncture from nails and other sharp objects

* Electricity, both live and static

* Contamination from bacteria or radiation

A job hazard analysis (JHA) should be conducted for each position to determine the need of foot protection to prevent injury.

Safety shoes

One common type of foot protection is the safety shoe. This generally means a shoe with a reinforced steel box toe. In situations where impact resistance and electrical insulation are both necessary, box toes of fiber or plastic are sometimes used. Such shoes, however, may not be listed in recognized standards.

Safety shoes generally fall into five categories, determined by intended use:

1. Steel box toe (general use)

2. Conductive

3. Non-sparking (explosives-resistant)

4. Shock-resisting (electrical hazards)

5. Foundry

In addition, foot guards—usually composed of plastic, aluminum alloy or galvanized steel foot coverings—are sometimes attached to the shoe to temporarily protect not only the toe but also the instep, known as metatarsal area.

Other foot protection items:

* Rubber or rubber-like boots and foot coverings

* Wood-soled shoes

* Slip-resistant soles

* Steel-reinforced soles

* Shoe liners

* Disposable shoe covers

If you have any questions about proper on-the-job footwear, please contact your ABR Representative. 

HR Insights Magazine: March/April Issue

March 16th, 2015

HRInsightsMarchAprilCoverIn the March/April 2015 issue of ABR Employment Services HR Insights magazine, several industry experts present new insights on a topic that’s been a perennial favorite in HR circles over the past few years: employee engagement. What is it? Why do companies want it? How can they get it? Those questions (and more) are addressed.

In the feature article, “Set Your Initiatives Up for Success,” Valerie Grubb offers strategies for successfully launching a change initiative at an organization. Things never stay the same forever, after all, so change is inevitable at some point. But companies need to realize that change can’t be effectively implemented unless they fully engage their employees in the endeavor. Get employees on board by showing them how the change will benefit them (and not just the company), urges Grubb, and be sure to follow up on an initiative after it’s launched.

Taking a cue from famous missteps made by Blockbuster and Sony, two companies that once dominated their industry, Tom Lane (in “Extend Your Company’s Life by Planning for Its Death”) explains how companies that hew only to “the tried-and-true path” (with no deviations or changes) eventually find that such rigidity leads to their demise. Instead, he writes, companies should focus on their customers and on getting their employees to be engaged in efforts to maintain their companies’ relevance (and existence!).

But how can you tell when your employees are engaged? In “Recognizing the Signs of Employee Engagement,” Stephanie Reyes offers some suggestions. ”The paradox of employee engagement,” she points out, “is that the more you push people to produce at the expense of workplace relationships and meaningful work, the less engaged they become.” So don’t measure engagement by productivity metrics. Instead, identify engaged employees by looking for certain social behaviors, such as laughter and spontaneous collaboration.

“Engagement” is more than a trendy buzzword: it’s a critical component of any successful company. At ABR Employment Services we know how important it is to have staff who are not only skilled but also motivated to do their best work. As Doug Conant, the former CEO of Campbell’s Soup, famously declared, “To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.”

Let ABR help you transform your workplace into one full of people who can propel your organization to success! For assistance, please contact a representative from any of ABR’s 13 locations.

Job Fair: March 16 from 10 am-Noon Manitowoc Public Library

March 11th, 2015

Blue find job button

Looking for a new packaging, machine operation, racking/sorting, assembly, inspection, production, press operator or administrative support job opportunities?

ABR Manitowoc wants to talk to you!

Join ABR Representatives on Monday, March 16th from 10:00 a.m. – Noon in the lobby at the Manitowoc Public Library located at 707 Quay Street.

This is your opportunity to learn more about these great manufacturing and office positions with great employers in and around Manitowoc, WI. And, get to know more about working for ABR Employment Services.

Be sure to ask us about our Free Rent and a job! employee appreciation campaign. Through the end of June, 2015, we’re giving away $1,000 monthly to one lucky employee to help him or her pay their rent or mortgage.

Save time and apply before the job fair at www.abrjobs.com; select “Manitowoc” from the branch office menu.  Questions? Call 920-684-8324.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, protected veterans status, or disability status. AA/EOE.


You’re Invited: ABR/LHI La Crosse March 18 Career Event

March 11th, 2015

Want to learn more about a new career with ABR/LHI?


Join us Wednesday, March 18 at the Logistics Health building at 328 Front Street South in La Crosse before or after work from 6:30 am – 1 pm OR 3 pm – 7 pm.  

A continental breakfast and afternoon appetizers will be served. 

This is your opportunity to learn more about current job openings on 1st and 2nd shifts in a non-sales environment where you can really put your customer service, computer and multitasking skills to good use. Be sure to ask us about our Free Rent and a job! campaign!

We’re currently hiring:

• Medical Appointment Scheduler (BILINGUAL positions available also!)

• Records Management Specialist I and II (data validation and follow-up)

• Administrative Assistants (full AND part-time)

• Customer Service Representatives

Apply at www.abrjobs.com; select “La Crosse – Logistics Health Inc” from the branch office menu.  Questions? Call (608) 784-0760.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, protected veterans status, or disability status. AA/EOE.

HOT Jobs La Crosse, WI

March 11th, 2015

Hot Jobs La Crosse WI






Shannon of ABR La Crosse and DJ Kelly Wilde of Classic Rock 100.1 discuss hot Jobs in La Crosse WI.

Apply below for office, customer service, call center, manufacturing, machine operation or heavy and light industrial work!

Questions? Call us at 608-782-9700.

The ABR Staff Was Always Helpful

March 2nd, 2015

imagesMelinda (ABR Winona) shares her ABR experience:

“I had been out of school for over six months when ABR Employment Services first contacted me. They found my resume on Indeed.com and told me that they were interested in working with me. The process for applying was really easy; I went to abrjobs.com and signed up for a new account and then filled out their application online.

A few jobs came up that were not really for me, but it gave me the opportunity to go in and meet with the ABR staff, get my interview done and complete my new-hire paperwork. In less than a month since the first time I was contacted, a job opened up that was a good fit for me. It was a try-before-hire position and it seemed really perfect.

Before I was hired on for full-time with my assignment, the ABR staff did a really great job helping me get acclimated to the new position. Whenever I had problems at work, or a lack of training, ABR helped facilitate those conversations, and always made sure that I was comfortable and confident at work. When my try-before-hire period was over, ABR worked very hard to coordinate with the human resources to help me negotiate the terms of my new contract and I was very pleased with the results. It made asking the difficult questions easy.

In fact, everything about working with ABR made the entire job-seeking and employment process much simpler! I no longer had to spend hours scouring over the same websites and newspapers, ABR found jobs for me. When I was working for ABR, all of the information was clear and the ABR staff was always helpful whenever I had questions. If anything ever happens in the future and I find myself without a job, I know that I’ll be working with ABR Employment Services again.”

-Melinda Cooks