HR Insights Magazine: March/April Issue

March 16th, 2015

HRInsightsMarchAprilCoverIn the March/April 2015 issue of ABR Employment Services HR Insights magazine, several industry experts present new insights on a topic that’s been a perennial favorite in HR circles over the past few years: employee engagement. What is it? Why do companies want it? How can they get it? Those questions (and more) are addressed.

In the feature article, “Set Your Initiatives Up for Success,” Valerie Grubb offers strategies for successfully launching a change initiative at an organization. Things never stay the same forever, after all, so change is inevitable at some point. But companies need to realize that change can’t be effectively implemented unless they fully engage their employees in the endeavor. Get employees on board by showing them how the change will benefit them (and not just the company), urges Grubb, and be sure to follow up on an initiative after it’s launched.

Taking a cue from famous missteps made by Blockbuster and Sony, two companies that once dominated their industry, Tom Lane (in “Extend Your Company’s Life by Planning for Its Death”) explains how companies that hew only to “the tried-and-true path” (with no deviations or changes) eventually find that such rigidity leads to their demise. Instead, he writes, companies should focus on their customers and on getting their employees to be engaged in efforts to maintain their companies’ relevance (and existence!).

But how can you tell when your employees are engaged? In “Recognizing the Signs of Employee Engagement,” Stephanie Reyes offers some suggestions. ”The paradox of employee engagement,” she points out, “is that the more you push people to produce at the expense of workplace relationships and meaningful work, the less engaged they become.” So don’t measure engagement by productivity metrics. Instead, identify engaged employees by looking for certain social behaviors, such as laughter and spontaneous collaboration.

“Engagement” is more than a trendy buzzword: it’s a critical component of any successful company. At ABR Employment Services we know how important it is to have staff who are not only skilled but also motivated to do their best work. As Doug Conant, the former CEO of Campbell’s Soup, famously declared, “To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.”

Let ABR help you transform your workplace into one full of people who can propel your organization to success! For assistance, please contact a representative from any of ABR’s 13 locations.

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