And the Winner is…Chelsee!

November 2nd, 2015

Between work, school, homework, and life’s responsibilities, it had been a long week. Chelsee was a bit tired when she arrived for work the afternoon of October 30th. But when she walked through the door of Energy Services where she works as a part-time receptionist, what happened next chased the sand man away.

Standing in the lobby were familiar faces from the ABR Schofield office and ABR CEO Jim McNett.

“Hi Chelsee”, said Jim. “Have you heard about ABR’s Free Rent and a job! sweekstakes”? “Yes, I have”, replied Chelsee. “You’re our 12th winner; congratulations”, said Jim. Chelsee’s eyes misted up while she gave a heart felt “thank you” to Jim and all present.

Watch a clip of the check presentation:









Chelsee is the fourth winner from the ABR Schofield office! Past winners from ABR Schofield are Justin Otto, Brandan Prechel and Brad Lemke.

Chelsee has been working for Energy Services through ABR since September, 2014. In fact, when she first began working at Energy Services, her receptionist position was full-time. When Chelsee expressed her desire to pursue a degree in criminal justice, her supervisor worked with ABR to create a part-time position so she could go to school and continue working.

“We just love Chelsee”, said ABR Schofield Branch Manager Carol Howard. “She has such an effervescent personality and our client recognizes that she is a great employee. I was thrilled we found a solution that enabled Chelsee to go back to school and continue working where she is well liked and valued”.

ABR Schofield is currently hiring. If you are looking for a new position or know someone that is, apply now or contact ABR Schofield to chat about open opportunities! Who knows, you could be our next Free Rent and a job! winner.


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