Should You Accept The Job Offer? How to Decide

May 26th, 2016

Job OfferThere are a lot of things to think about before saying yes to an offer. Logistics like vacation time and commute time. But what about the emotional side of the job offer? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before accepting an offer.

 Question 1: What are my long term career goals?

The answer can’t be, ‘find a job’. We’re talking about the big picture here. Goals can be anything from “working at a stable company” to “becoming a manger some day.” Decide what’s most important to you; job security? Job title? Job flexibility? Really put a finger on the top three aspects that are most important to your career, then see if this position is a step in the right direction.  Not sure how to  identify your career goals? Download our free guide on How to Set Career Goals from ABR JobConnect.

Question 2: How will this position impact my lifestyle?

Think about a typical workday. How does the location of this company affect how early you have to get up each morning or how long you’ll be stuck in a car? Does it allow flexibility for taking a random sick day if you have small children? Can you take off on holidays or weekends when you need to? Be realistic about the demands of your lifestyle and the demands of this position.

Question 3: Does this position broaden my skill-set?

Even if a position is not directly in line with your desired career goals, gaining those new experiences may open doors for you down the road. After all, employers love soft skills like teamwork, and broadening yours can never hurt. Just make sure the position does not completely stray you from your path. We’re only talking about slight detours here that have a payoff at the end of the road.

Come In – We’re Hiring!
ABR has a strong team-oriented environment and is a rewarding place to work. We offer a competitive salary, quarterly incentive opportunity, relocation assistance, and great benefits. Check out the ‘Careers’ tab on our website and our current open opportunities. We’re looking forward to connecting with you.


ABR Staff Volunteer at Ronald McDonald House

May 16th, 2016

Corp - Ronald McDoanld House

The Ronald McDonald House (RMH) Charities in Madison, WI is ‘home away from home’ for families while their child is receiving medical treatment at local hospitals. Staff from ABR Employment Services Corporate Headquarters recently volunteered for the ‘Family Meal Program’. This program allows families to enjoy a meal after spending the day with their child at the hospital.

According to RMH, the most commonly served meals are lasagna, tacos, pasta, chicken noodle soup and macaroni and cheese. Several ‘foodies’ work at the Corporate Office and thus wanted to create more upscale dining fare. 

Corporate staff shopped for ingredients, prepared and served a meal starring Pasta Primavera with chicken, salad, garlic bread and strawberries with pound cake for 25 guests. 

Grill master Kerri Poulson grilled chicken to perfection while Sue Zimbrich and Jeannette Malterer roasted vegetables to a crisp-tender. Rita Engfer, Michelle Nooyen, Amy Harris, Coni Campbell and Natasha Duda orchestrated meal preparation. Sandy Beckwith, Jim McNett, Jennifer Zahari and Michelle Kamin put the finishing touches on the meal. 

Jim McNett, ABR CEO remarked, “So many families have been supported by the generosity and support of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Spending day after day at the hospital, carrying around the burden of worry and being away from home for long periods of time is unimaginable. We are thankful for this opportunity to provide a home cooked meal for these guest families.”

The Ronald McDonald House never turns away families unable to pay. The suggested donation is that families pay $10 a night. The actual operating cost to house a family per night is significantly higher. We invite you to consider donating to the Ronald McDonald House to ensure that these families will continue to have a “home away from home.” Thank you.

Tips for Maintaining Back Health

May 9th, 2016


The following on back health was written by Safety Management Services Company. It is being shared with permission. 

“OUCH!  Why did I try to lift that much weight on my own?”  Did you ever speak those words after you lifted something heavy, or lifted from an awkward position?  These incidents are well known causes of back strain, but you might not have considered other “underlying” factors that lead to back injuries.  Several conditions influence your “back health.”

What Causes Back Problems?

The causes of most back problems are:  awkward postures, loss of flexibility, stressful living/working habits and above all, a general decline in physical fitness.  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  When you “let yourself go” (and most of us do as we age), the first thing to go can be back strength.  Along with proper lifting techniques, we should also work on our overall physical condition.

Is Nutrition Important?

Nutrition is an important key to staying physically fit!  As we grow older, our metabolism slows down.  To counteract this natural event, we have to eat the right types of food, and not too much of it, or the pounds come on quickly!  Now, what does nutrition have to do with a healthy back?  For one thing, a healthy back is correctly balanced on your spine.  With a “sway” back, that balance is lost, and those darned pot-bellies cause sway backs.  Carrying around excess weight puts tremendous strain on back tissues, so lifting even a small extra load may cause an injury.

Exercise Plays an Important Role

A form of exercise as simple as walking 30 minutes a day can raise your heart rate and burn enough calories to help keep you lean.  Flexibility is another condition that changes as we grow older, if we don’t work to retain it.  It’s true, as they say, “Use it or lose it!”  Without flexibility, we lose our body’s full range of motion.  Then, when a sudden, physical demand takes a muscle or joint further than it’s used to, the risk of injury is high.  You can do stretching exercises every morning to keep yourself flexible and ready for the physical demands of work.  After all, don’t athletes warm up before a game to prevent injury?

Fixed positions—not moving enough—can also cause back problems.  Staying in a fixed position for too long can lead to muscle spasms.  We feel it as stiffness, but by the time discomfort from “static” muscle contractions is experienced, low level tissue damage has begun.  Take stretch breaks between long standing or sitting periods to improve circulation and prevent back strain.

Poor body mechanics and bad lifting habits usually “trigger” a back injury and are more likely to do so if overall physical condition is poor.  Remember these techniques to help escape injury.

  • Avoid using fast, jerking motions when lifting.
  • Avoid bending and twisting at the same time.
  • Avoid handling a load too far away! Keep the load close to your body.
  • Teamwork! If the load is too heavy, two persons should carry the load.

Is There a Connection?

Emotional stress leads to mental distraction, so that things other than proper body mechanics are on your mind.  Stress and back pain seem to go together.  Low back pain has been called “a tension headache that slipped.”  Solving our personal problems isn’t always easy to do, but it often takes away back pain and helps prevent repeated injuries.

It’s Up To You – Take Good Care Of Your Body And Save Your Back!

Improper lifting isn’t the only thing that causes back injuries.  People who do not also stay in good physical and mental condition are at high risk for back problems.

Report On-The-Job Back Strains and Injuries Immediately

If you experience a back strain or back injury while on assignment with ABR, stop working and report it to your supervisor immediately. Then, contact your local ABR Employment Services office.

Why Did the ABR Posse Storm Keystone Automotive?

May 3rd, 2016
(left to right) April 2016 Free Rent and a job! winner Rick Peterson and Keystone Automotive - Madison LKQ General Manager, Joseph Packard

(left to right) April 2016 Free Rent and a job! winner Rick Peterson and Keystone Automotive – Madison LKQ General Manager, Joseph Packard

“You walked in and I thought ‘what the heck!’” said Rick Peterson, as a posse of seven ABR staff walked into the lobby at Keystone Automotive – LKQ Corporation.

“Do you know why we’re here?” asked ABR CEO Jim McNett. Surprised and filled with nervous energy, Rick replied, “No”.

Jim explained ABR’s Free Rent and a job! employee appreciation sweepstakes and said, “Your name was drawn this month. It is our honor and pleasure to present you with this check for $1,000! We really appreciate everything you do.”

“It’s a pretty good day”, replied a smiling Rick. “I did not even know my name was in the drawing; I never win anything!”

Rick is an Inside Sales Coordinator selling aftermarket car parts to body shops. “I like what I do,” said Rick. “I enjoy helping people and using the computer; this is a fast paced job. I like doing research to locate car parts for our body shop customers”.

For the past 4 months, Rick has been working on a ‘try-before-hire’ basis at Keystone Automotive through ABR. What this means is that Rick is an ABR employee for a trial period. After the trial period ends, if performance criteria are met, Keystone Automotive determines if they want to hire Rick as their employee.

In addition to winning $1,000, Rick hit the employment jackpot too! He received an offer to become a Keystone Automotive – LKQ Corporation employee, and happily accepted!

Joseph Packard, General Manager said, “Rick is a dedicated employee who shows initiative. He is experienced yet wants to learn how to do more. He’s a good person to be around and always has a positive attitude. We’re glad to have Rick join the team.”

When asked what he was going to do with an extra $1,000 Rick replied, “Maybe I’ll buy a new camera with the money. I’m looking for a new hobby”.

Congratulations Rick! All of us at ABR Employment Services are so happy for you. We’re glad to have served as an employment resource and act as a bridge to permanent employment.

If you’re looking for employment and want a chance to win $1,000, apply today with any ABR location. Who knows, maybe the ABR posse will storm your workplace next month!