New Job Advice: Three Must Do’s

July 11th, 2016


You did it! You made it through the interview, your references checked out and you got hired. You’ve made it through the hardest part, right? Well, maybe. The first few days on a new job are always tough. Take our new job advice to ease your first day on-the-job stress:

1. Just say hi
Every time you shake a new coworker’s hand, you’re not only making a new friend – you’re making a connection. Explain that you are new to the job and ask  if they have any advice to share.

2. Write it down
You won’t learn everything on your first day so keep a running list of questions.  If you’re unsure about something, ask your on-site supervisor or contact us.

3. Take the time
It’s one of the easiest ways to make a good impression, yet it’s so easy to overlook. Show up on time, take only the allotted lunch break, and don’t sneak out the door three minutes early – every minute matters! There’s only one chance to make a first impression. So make it a good one.

For more tips on what to do on your job assignment, review the ABR Handbook. If you have misplaced your handbook, please contact any ABR branch for a copy.

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