Interview Answers: How to Answer 4 Sneaky Questions

July 18th, 2016

Interview answers. They can propel you forward or stop you from moving on to the next stage in the hiring process. Certain questions can seem so unimportant, but rock star candidates know every question can be used to their advantage. If you’ve been asked the following four questions at some point in your job hunt, and were puzzled why, there’s good reason. The interviewer is trying to gauge if you would be a good fit for their company culture.

Here is what you shouldn’t – and should – say the next time you find yourself vying for a new position.

Why Don’t You Tell Me a Little About Yourself?

What Not To Say: “I like long walks on the beach and the color green.”

Interview Answer: What You Should Say –  Talk only about the characteristics and experiences that make you a great fit for this position. Practice beforehand.

Why Are You Interested In Working Here?

What Not To Say: “I need a job.”

Interview Answer – What You Should Say: Before the interview, create a story around why this company and this position make sense for you and your experiences. It can be as simple as seeing an article in which the company was rated a top place to work or more passionate if this is truly your dream job.

If You Were A Car, What Kind Would You Be?

What Not To Say: “Umm…how does this apply to the job?”

Interview Answer – What You Should Say: Keep calm and answer the question with a smile. Companies have various reasons for asking unusual interview questions, so do your best to think of a clever or memorable answer.  You might say something like, “I would be a Toyota because they are dependable; just like I am. They rarely break down and I rarely take sick days”.  Then move on.

Do You Have Any Questions?

What Not To Say: “Nope. Bye!”

Interview Answer – What You Should Say: Show interest in the position by having a few questions prepared in advance. Ask about the team, what a typical day is like, or what the opportunities for advancement are in this role.

Remember, nearly every question asked during an interview has a purpose. With a little preparation, your answers will shine during your next interview.

What’s the most unusual interview question you’ve ever been asked? Let us know and we’ll address it in a future blog post. 

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