Five Easy Ways to Reward Your Top Employees

August 22nd, 2016


Cost Effective Employee Reward Ideas

Every company wants a happy workforce. Offering rewards is just one way to turn those frowns upside down – and one way to motivate employees to do their best work. Companies often forget the importance employees place on those last two items: recognition and appreciation. We’ve come up with five easy ways to reward employees who are deserving of a special something. The best part? It comes at little or no cost to you.


Say ‘Thank You’

Honestly, sometimes a “thank you” for doing what you do is all employees want to hear. Those two words don’t need to be reserved for top performers. Show your gratitude to all of your employees whenever you can.

Praise Personal Achievements

Is one of your employees expecting a baby, planning a wedding, or running a marathon? Don’t let personal achievements go unrecognized. A verbal or written acknowledgement is all you need.

Acknowledge Promotions

Hold a company-wide meeting or send out a company-wide email to announce any promotions or big accomplishments that occurred over the past month. The applause – digital or actual – will put your employees on cloud nine.

Make Introductions
Reward top performers with a chance to eat lunch with the CEO or to grab coffee with the director. Or send them to a meeting with a big client or to an important convention.

Recognize Dedication

Great effort is worth a reward as much as great success. Reward long-term achievements like five years spent with a company or perfect yearly attendance. It can be anything from a certificate to a gift card to a bouquet of flowers.

Add Happy Employees to Your Workforce

Our team of work ready talent are standing by and motivated to do their best work for you. Contact any ABR branch to add happy employees to your workforce.

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