Employee Motivation During the Holidays: How to Keep It

December 5th, 2016


The holidays have a way of distracting pretty much everyone at work. Even team members who do not officially celebrate the holidays often succumb, to some degree. This may leave HR scrambling to regain some semblance of workplace cohesiveness.  Given all that’s on your human resources, recruiting/staffing, compliance and benefits plate, how do foster employee motivation during the holidays?

Employee Motivation: Tackle Holiday Season Challenges Head-On

According to Beekeeper, half of all employees do their holiday shopping online while at work. This statistic is a strong indicator that employee focus and attention are on other things. Even though the holiday season can be distracting for employees, don’t give up trying to keep them motivated and productive. There are plenty of ways to keep employees happy while still keeping them active and focused on their work to help your organization meet its goals.

Here’s three ideas you can implement to keep the holidays festive and productive:

Communicate Expectations
It is a good idea to talk about your expectation of focus and commitment throughout the holidays. Finding the right balance between expressing expectations honestly and firmly while not feeling like a modern day Ebenezer Scrooge may seem tricky, but finding the right voice and approach may serve as the very anchor employees need to divert their attention from their own holiday stresses. Try to reinforce their good performance with words of encouragement.

Bring in the Holiday Cheer
The holiday season provides the opportunity to lighten up the work week. Encourage employees to come to work in ugly Christmas sweaters one day, better yet, make it a competition. If your employees are comfortable with it, decorate the work place and bring in some holiday treats one afternoon. There are simple and easy ways to embrace the holiday spirit that can keep your employees excited to be at work during that time of year.

Recognize Employee Achievements
Set aside time during the holidays to recognize your employees for their hard work throughout the year. For example, you could give out awards for employees with a great safety record. You could give out an award to an employee for being a good team player or to an employee with a strong production level. If you do not have a ‘swag’ budget, you can let employees know how much you value them for their work year-round. Doing something as simple as buying “thank you” cards, sending congratulatory emails, or even verbal recognition can go a long way toward helping employees maintain focus. ABR awards branch ‘Employees of the Quarter‘ — a framed certificate along with a $25 bonus added to one’s paycheck.

Reduce Your Own Stress by Planning for Out-of-Office or Distracted Employees

As your organization’s HR leader, you probably have plenty of coals in the holiday fire. If your company’s managers have reported a large volume of reasonable employee requests for holiday vacation time, and you worry that your organization’s skeleton crew may struggle to meet goals, reach out to a reliable employment services team to help you meet your production goals and client’s expectations. You deserve the chance to relax and enjoy the holidays, too.

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