Forbes Inc. Names ABR To Best Professional Recruiting Firms List

May 16th, 2017

Best Recruiting Firms

Best Professional Recruiting Firms: ABR Ranks #50 on Forbes’ List

There are 20,000 staffing agencies in North America. Who are the top firms? Forbes, Inc. compiled a top 250 ranking of the best recruiting firms based on recommendations from thousands of recruiters, employees, and hiring managers.

Working with analytics firm Statista, Forbes set out to identify the most well respected recruiters in the U.S.

Surveys were sent to:

  • 18,000 external recruiters for peer review
  • 3,000 candidates and employees of recruiting firms
  • 50 HR managers that had been clients of recruitment firms in the past three years.

Interviewees could name up to 10 recruitment firms per category, either with the help of a long list of more than 4,000 recruitment firms or as a free nomination.

ABR Makes the Top 50 Best Professional Recruiting Firms!

ABR is ranked number 50 on the list. Of the 250 recruiting firms named, only four are Wisconsin based. Of the Wisconsin based firms, ABR received the highest ranking.

CEO Jim McNett and everyone at ABR couldn’t be more proud.

“It’s great recognition for everyone’s hard work and dedication to making ABR a great organization. We are all proud of this accomplishment and our ability to connect people to jobs and provide workforce solutions to companies in Wisconsin.”

Thank you to everyone who helped us win this ranking! See the full list from Forbes here.

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