Artificial Intelligence and Recruiting: How the Two Work Together

September 14th, 2017

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Has Arrived to Enhance the Recruiting Process

Many human resource managers and hiring professionals hear about artificial intelligence (AI) and worry that it may eventually mean the end of their job. For most companies, that is not the case at all.

Generally, the primary goal of an organization’s adoption and implementation of artificial intelligence into HR departments is to automate and streamline processes to help you, as a HR professional, attend to the “human” portion of your work.

According to Workology, artificial intelligence is defined as “an ideal ‘intelligent’ machine that is a flexible rational agent that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal.” It is a branch of computer science that focuses on machine learning algorithms that mimic certain cognitive functions that give machines distinct human capabilities.

While your organization’s artificial intelligence software learns and adapts your system’s recruiting processes and tasks, and subsequently takes on those tasks, you can focus on developing new and more meaningful ways to engage with talented candidates and make sure you find the best fit.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Support Your Human Resources Department

Once you become more familiar with artificial intelligence, you are likely to love it since it is set to take over some of the more boring duties of your work. Just like you might consider your professional staffing agency—and any other type of support you enlist—a part of your team, you may soon come to appreciate and rely on your AI in much the same way.

Consider just a few ways that artificial intelligence will support your human resources department, freeing you up to focus on the human aspects of human resources:

  • Candidate Screening and Basic Communication. Not only can artificial intelligence software scan applications, resumes, cover letters and work sample tests, but it can also perform automated engagement activities to learn more about each candidate during your recruiting process. Your AI software may include an AI tool or chat box where job candidates can interact and ask questions about available jobs and their responsibilities. In turn, the AI tool, or chatbot, asks its own questions and gathers feedback from the job candidate to provide additional information to your hiring team.
  • Candidate Engagement and Relationship Building. Artificial intelligence can bridge communication gaps that can cost you high-quality job candidates. One of the biggest complaints among job applicants is that, once they submit their application and resume, they never hear back from anyone at the company. AI goes beyond standard automated messaging, which involves keywords and tags, to provide real-time messaging with responses that are unique to each candidate and their specific questions or concerns.
  • Re-Engagement Capabilities. Thanks to the responsiveness of chatbots and other tools that help ensure continued engagement with talented candidates, you likely have a pool of possible job candidates who are receptive to future available work. Your artificial intelligence can help you re-engage with a targeted group of prospective candidates who previously applied for work with your organization. Your AI will periodically re-engage with candidates to update their availability, as well as any new skills, training and education. Over time, you can cultivate a ready group of potential candidates who are familiar with your organization and feel good about the consistent engagement.

Reap the Benefits When Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Recruiting Efforts

Artificial intelligence is set to perform tasks that you may never have time to do on your own, and the information that it collects is invaluable in providing a stream of talented job candidates for a variety of positions.

At ABR, we understand your apprehension about AI and its effects, but we are here and happy to assure you that only benefits lie ahead.

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