Build a Strategic Framework Based on Vision, Mission and Values

November 13th, 2017

strategic framework

What Is a Strategic Framework?

In today’s competitive business environment, business leaders cannot afford to leave anything to chance when it comes to paving the path to success for their organization.

Building a strategic framework provides a firm foundation, based on long-term planning, upon which company owners can build a strong organization and thriving business.

Chron shares that “a strategic framework serves to provide structure to this type of long-term planning by focusing on four key elements: vision, mission, time frame and objectives.”

Business owners, management and the human resources team all work together to establish, drive and maintain the organization’s strategic framework, carefully adjusting it over time and as needed to allow for new business growth and possibilities.

Does Your HR Department Need a Strategic Framework for Success?

Businesses, organizational departments and individuals at any level can benefit from developing and implementing a strategic framework to lead them to success. You can certainly add your HR department to that list of potential beneficiaries of a strong strategic framework.

Building a strategic framework may be just what your HR department needs to improve employee retention, staff communication issues, streamline the hiring process and to achieve other medium and long-term goals.

Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Components of the Strategic Framework

The first thing you want to do when launching your project to build a strategic framework is to take a closer look at its basic components, which are made up of your vision, mission and values.


A vision statement generally lays out a picture of certain operations, assuming that the organization—or department—has achieved its strategic objectives. This part of the strategic framework also serves as inspirational and motivational elements for a team.

For your HR department, your vision statement may be based on varying factors collected from your organization’s executive and management teams, as far as medium and long-term staffing needs. From there, you can lay out a path to meeting and exceeding those needs. Per your vision statement, you can envision your team’s success and lay the groundwork so you can arrive there.


Mission statements provide a set of reasons for why a department exists, as well as what the overriding goals are. Work with your HR team to define your department’s priorities, such as improving your interviewing strategies or occasionally calling on the services of a reliable employment agency to find the right talent to save time, money and effort while avoiding employee turnover.


Setting your department’s values—in alignment with your company’s overarching values—helps give shape to your strategic framework in the bigger picture.

Build Your Own Strategic Framework Based on Vision, Mission and Values

Now that you understand what goes into building a strategic framework, you and your HR team can get to work. Following are a few things you can do to ensure improved hiring and retention practices for the benefit of your organization:

  • Learn What Your Department Leaders Truly Need from Each New Hire. The right hire can drive the success of a department. A mismatch can cause disruptions at every level, so work with department managers to ensure that you know exactly who they envision for their team to help them meet their own strategic goals.
  • Develop Better Job Descriptions. By focusing on improving job descriptions, you can ensure that the tasks and skills required of each staff member contribute to securing the goals for the company. You can also make sure that newly recruited employees’ goals are a good match with the company’s goals.

With these components for your strategic framework, among others, you can set achievable goals that result in satisfied staffers who are eager to help your organization meet its overall goals. At the same time, your HR department has the opportunity to improve employee retention and enhance the hiring process.

Contact us to consult with our staffing team at ABR Employment Services in case you need additional strategic framework ideas and services.

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