Safe Winter Driving: Safety Tips & Reminders

December 26th, 2017

safe winter driving

Winter Driving

Winter in the mid-west means sometimes driving in less than ideal conditions. Although driving in winter can be more hazardous, if we take the proper precautions, safe winter driving can happen. And, we can avoid being in an accident.

The Risks: Injury and Property Damage

Winter conditions make driving more difficult in a variety of ways. Snow and ice decrease the traction our tires have with the road. This problem is magnified on corners and hills. This can result in collisions with other vehicles and ending up in a ditch. Another hazard can come into play when people get stranded in bad weather. Every year, people die trying to get help. They underestimate the effects that the cold weather can have on the body, or they lack the proper winter clothing.

The Solution: Think Before You Drive!

The first questions we should always ask ourselves are, “Is it safe for me to be driving?” and “Do I really need to drive, or can this wait?” Check the local forecast and road conditions. If travel is not advised, or weather conditions are expected to get bad, don’t drive!

Safe winter driving means if you are driving in winter weather, slow down. Leave about three times as much distance as you normally would if you are following another vehicle. When braking, apply the brake gently. Slamming the brakes can cause skidding. Do not assume that if you are in a four-wheel-drive vehicle you can drive on any surfaces. On glare ice, four-wheel-drive just means four wheels will be spinning instead of two.

Pack a car emergency kit. Items to have in your vehicle for winter driving include: cold-weather clothing (i.e. boots, gloves and hat); shovel; flashlight; sand or kitty litter; blankets; water; and food.

If you skid off the road and end up in a ditch, try rocking the vehicle back and forth, especially if your car wheels are spinning. Your best plan if you are stranded is to call for help and stay put. Even if the automobile isn’t running, it will provide shelter from wind and snow.

The Three ‘P’s’ of Safe Winter Driving: Prepare, Protect, Prevent

PREPARE for the trip; PROTECT yourself; and PREVENT crashes on the road.


  • Maintain Your Vehicle: Check battery, tire tread, and windshield wipers, keep your windows clear, put no-freeze fluid in the washer reservoir, and check your antifreeze.
  • Have On Hand: flashlight, jumper cables, abrasive material (sand, kitty litter, even floor mats), shovel, snow brush and ice scraper, warning devices (like flares), blankets, non-perishable food and water, medication, and cell phone.
  • Stopped or Stalled? Stay in your vehicle! Shine your lights at oncoming traffic, and run your vehicle just long enough to keep warm.
  • Plan Your route. Allow plenty of time (check the weather and leave early if necessary), be familiar with the maps/directions, and let others know your arrival time.


  • Buckle up!


  • Slow down and increase distances between cars.
  • Keep your eyes open for pedestrians walking in the road.
  • Avoid fatigue – Get plenty of rest before the trip, stop at least every three hours.

We want you to be safe at work, too, which is why we blog about it. Check out the Workplace Safety category on and check back monthly for new information. Be safe!

This blog about Safe Winter Driving was written by Safety Management Services Company and edited by ABR. It is being shared with permission. 

How to Make an Employer Fall in Love with You

December 18th, 2017

first impression

Like most determined job seekers, you want to make a one-of-a-kind connection with your dream employer. Professionally, it makes sense that you want an employer to fall in love with you, your skills and your enthusiasm. Once he or she spots those irresistible charms, you can start a long and mutually beneficial professional relationship together.

So, never fear because you are far from alone. Most job seekers feel the same way. What’s more is that many recruiters will tell you it is essential.

5 Tips to Make a Great First Impression with Your Dream Employer

You can definitely generate the right spark to make sure the employer only has eyes for you.

A trusted recruiting professional will tell you that the hiring process is your time to shine. Our own staffing team agrees and has come up with 5 fresh ideas to seal the deal with your professional love match:

  1. Polish Your Resume.Your resume is where you get to make first contact, and you really want to make a great first impression. You have probably updated your resume to include your most recent job positions and any personal information changes, as well as making sure your spelling and grammar are correct. However, there is more you can do to put the employer over the moon. Take another look at the job posting, and try to make subtle changes to tailor your resume to the position you want. If you see a position has desired skills outside of the job’s core responsibilities—as opposed to required skills or qualifications—such as light repairs and maintenance experience you have for skilled industrial work, make sure to add the details.
  2. Do Your Research About the Company.Your potential employer will love it if you have done your homework and can comfortably and naturally discuss their company’s history, mission and place in the community. This move is a great way to let an employer know you are serious about making a long-term commitment. Check everything from their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages, to their own company website and their Wikipedia entry.
  3. Perform a Mock Interview. Sometimes people looking for their soul mate in life go on “test dates” or “mock dates” to warm up for the main event. You can—and probably should—do the same thing for your big interview. Come up with a few questions you might anticipate, and ask your mock interviewer to come up with some curveballs to make sure you can knock ’em out of the park. Schedule your mock interview for a day or two before your official interview, and wear the clothes you plan to wear for the official interview.
  4. Plan Your Route So You Show Up on Time or Early.If you are slightly unsure about where you are going for your interview, map it out. If you have been to the area before or feel confident you can get there on time, just make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to arrive. If you are unfamiliar with the area, however, don’t risk it. Take a test drive a few days before so you know exactly where you’re going. Showing up with time to spare gives the employer a preview of your commitment to punctuality.
  5. Show Your Enthusiasm.Be yourself, of course, but be sure to show your enthusiasm and that they have every reason to fall in love with you for their position. Be friendly, warm, curious and open, and you stand a great chance of winning their love.

If you need additional ideas about how to make an employer fall head over heels for you and your abilities, our team at ABR Employment Services is here to help.

Call ABR to let us know more about the kind of first impression you want to make with the right employer.

Negative Nellies: How to Minimize Workplace Negativity

December 11th, 2017

workplace negativity

One or two negative employees can wreak havoc in the workplace. The result of pessimism, less-than-professional behavior, absenteeism, tardiness, or a flat-out bad attitude can jeopardize the harmonious environment that you worked so hard to cultivate.

A few common reasons for experiencing workplace negativity  might include:

  • An excessive workload
  • A lack of challenging work to satisfy their skills, education and experience
  • A feeling of stagnation, such as not receiving a promotion after a substantial length of time
  • An insufficient level of recognition when meeting and exceeding job performance standards

These are just a few of the reasons that our staffing solutions team has gathered over the years regarding workplace negativity. Any one of these—or any other possible reason—may lay the groundwork in your efforts toward finding and implementing a negativity solution for your office.

4 Tips for Minimizing Workplace Negativity

Now that you have a few ideas as to why you might have recently picked up on a disturbance in the workplace, it is time to find and work in a reasonable solution.

One of the essential approaches to minimizing workplace negativity is treating your workplace environment as a whole. Of course, there are instances when you need to tend to one or two employees’ specific issues. However, for the most part, you can avoid developing an overriding negative workplace by regularly taking the temperature of your office environment.

What can be done to help quash negative attitudes?

  1. Keep an Open Stream of Communication. Let your employees know that you and your HR team are available to listen to their concerns. Create and honor an open-door policy that gives employees the security of candidness and anonymity. Sometimes employees need to clear the air in a non-judgmental environment, otherwise, they may end up harboring resentment. This can eventually lead to poor work productivity and quality, as well as increasingly unpleasant interactions with fellow employees.
  2. Listen to Your Employees’ Concerns Actively. People tend to recognize when someone is merely listening to them on autopilot. If you set up a session for an employee to confide a workplace issue they are having, fully engage. Acknowledge the employee’s concerns and let them know that you want to work together to find a solution that benefits them. This lets them know that your organization values them and their work.
  3. Focus Workplace Positivity as a Core Value. It is easy for the workplace to become project-focused and productivity-oriented without much consideration for the human factor. Avoid letting your business become a place of drudgery, or you may see the results play out in negativity.
  4. Hire Employees with an Upbeat Attitude. It may seem like a tall order to find someone whose experience, skills and education suit the job, as well as finding someone with the right attitude. However, you may find it is worth the wait and effort. Look for clues during the interview, such as how the candidate discusses past negative situations and whether they sought good outcomes or perceived the situation as hopeless and unfair.

Need to Replace Negative Nellies with Happy Campers?

The ABR Employment Services and ABR Professional Search team of Work Ready Talent are ready to go when you are! Get in touch with us today to get started.


Regional Staffing Specialist Career Opportunity

December 6th, 2017

Join ABR As A Regional Staffing Specialist

ABR Employment Services (ABR) is a high customer focused and seven-time award winning Best of Staffing® company with locations in WI and Winona, MN. ABR provides workforce solutions to employers and helps people seeking jobs in professional office support and manufacturing positions get hired. Founded in 1987, we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary! We would not be the strong and growing company we are today without the people that work here.  We are  celebrating our employees with monthly gift drawings through September, 2018.

Due to an internal promotion, we are looking to hire a Regional Staffing Specialist.

Who You Are 

  • Flexible  
  • Team Player  
  • Goal Oriented  
  • Possesses a Hunter Mentality  
  • Enjoys Sourcing Candidates  
  • Highly Motivated Professional 
  • Excellent Communication Skills  
  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment  
  • Has worked in Staffing/Recruiting positions  

What You’ll Get To Do As A Staffing Specialist

  • Recruits, sources, interviews, and selects candidates  
  • Makes offers of employment to Talent  
  • Matches Talent to our customers’ needs 
  • Supports Branches as assigned  
  • Manages Talent employee relations issues with clients  
  • Visits client companies, tours businesses and develops client relationships  
  • Maintains a high level of rapport with clients, staff and Talent 
  • Initiates, develops and maintains recruiting relationships within the community  
  • Represents ABR at association meetings, networking groups, business shows and job fairs  
  • Attends meetings, providing status reports on current job order activities and future projections

What We Will Do For You 

  • We value work life balance- no nights or weekends! 
  • We will foster a culture of recognition and community involvement  
  • We will provide you with hands on training from our talented training and development team  
  • We will help you reach your full potential by developing a career path that matches your career goals 
  • We will provide you with competitive pay, quarterly incentives and outstanding benefits including, PTO, 401(k) Plan, Medical, Vision, Life, Dental and more!  

Intrigued? Apply Now

Tell us why you should be our next Regional Staffing Specialist by submitting a cover letter and resume to:

Electronic Manufacturing Jobs in Lewiston MN

December 4th, 2017

 electronic manufacturing jobs lewiston mn

Electronic Manufacturing Jobs in Lewiston MN

Surface Mount Technology Machine Operator, Electronic Assembly, Inspector

ABR in Winona, MN is currently helping a Lewiston, MN manufacturer of  electronic and electro-mechanical assemblies hire Surface Mount Technology Operators, Electronic Assemblers and Inspectors.

This electronic manufacturing company is very clean and climate controlled. A lot of growth opportunities are offered at this electronic manufacturer.

Easily Apply:

Job Descriptions

SMT Machine Operator

  • Computer programming
  • Set up of machine
  • Assist with inspection checks
  • Light maintenance

Electronic Assembly

  • Electronic assembly of interior automotive product
  • Inspect product for defects

Upon hire, the following benefits are offered:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • 125 Pre-tax Spending Plan
  • 401K Plan
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Prescription Safety Glass Program
  • ESD Shoe Program

For the ‘Inspector’ job description or for additional information, call ABR Winona at 507-474-6340. AA/EOE

November-December 2017 Issue: ABR HR Insight Magazine

December 4th, 2017

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Nov Dec 2017 HR Insights Magazine

HR Administrative Assistant – FSC Corporate

December 1st, 2017

HR Administrative Assistant

Do you want to be a part of fun and professional HR team? Join us today!

Seeking an Administrative Assistant for the HR Team at Forward Service Corporation and ABR Employment Services

Forward Service Corporation (FSC), a passionate, not-for-profit firm providing employment and training related services to local, state, and federally funded program participants.  ABR Employment Services (ABR) is a high customer focused and seven-time award winning Best of Staffing® company with locations in WI and Winona, MN. ABR provides workforce solutions to employers and helps people seeking jobs in professional office support and manufacturing positions get hired.

This is an opportunity to work for two companies in two different industries with very similar end goals — to put people to work!

What We Will Do For You

  • We value work life balance- no nights or weekends!
  • We will provide you with the opportunity to create new process
  • We will foster a culture of recognition and community involvement
  • We will help you reach your full potential by developing a career path that matches your career goals
  • We will provide you with competitive pay- $15.00/hour, annual incentive and outstanding benefits including, 3 weeks PTO, 11 paid holidays, 401(k) Plan, Medical, Vision, Life, Dental and more!

Who You Are

  • Ability to change gears quickly and efficiently
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • High Attention To Detail
  • High Sense Of Urgency
  • Tech- Savvy Thinker
  • Team Player
  • Creative
  • Fun

What You’ll Get To Do

  • Prepare and create reports, agendas, documents, and presentations
  • Assist with recruiting by scheduling interviews, completing references checks and updating our HRIS system
  • Maintain and organize our ADP and SharePoint sites
  • Track documentation, such as reviews, training plans, and surveys
  • Maintain files, both paper and electronic
  • Plan corporate events, such as pot lucks and Badger themed days
  • Work on a team with 5 professional HR team members

Tell us why you should be our next Administrative Assistant by submitting a cover letter and resume to:

4600 American Parkway, Suite 301
Madison, WI