Knock, Knock, Your New Office Job is Calling

July 22nd, 2019

Will YOU answer the office job door?

Staying on top of the most current vacancies in your field is a must when you’re on the hunt for a new professional office support position. But often, that’s easier said than done when life gets in the way. That’s a great reason to leave the searching to us!

Fortunately, when our clients have new opportunities for administrative, office jobs, customer service, medical office or receptionist jobs, we’re the first to know. We use our established relationships with area employers to help connect people to these types of positions, getting your resume or application in front of the right people.  That means you don’t have to spend as much time searching, filling out applications and sending resumes to land an office job.

Whether you’re looking for your first office job, have a few years of experience under your belt or are a total pro, we’ll help you find an office position you’ll love.

Check out our current office job openings:

Check Run Analyst – Appleton , Wisconsin – $16.00 per hour

Receptionist – Little Chute , Wisconsin – $13.00 per hour

Assistant Service Manager – Neenah , Wisconsin – $15 to $17 per hour

Intake Specialist – FDL – Fond Du Lac , Wisconsin – $15.00 per hour

Intake Specialist – Menasha – Menasha , Wisconsin – $14.00 per hour

Intake Specialist – Oshkosh – Oshkosh , Wisconsin – $14.00 per hour

Seasonal Customer Care Representative – Greenville , Wisconsin – $13.00 per hour

Bilingual HR Coordinator – Green Bay , Wisconsin – $17.00 per hour

Project Assistant – Green Bay , Wisconsin – $16.00 per hour

Deposit Department Supervisor – La Crosse , Wisconsin

Early Out Lead – La Crosse , Wisconsin – $16.00 per hour

Receptionist – Onalaska , Wisconsin – $12.00 per hour

Marketing/Sales Rep – La Crescent , Minnesota

Clinic Assistant-Fitchburg – Madison , Wisconsin – $13.00 per hour

Participant Services Specialist 1 – Middleton , Wisconsin – $15.00 per hour

Estimator-Buyer-Sales Support – Wausau , Wisconsin – $17.00 per hour

Credit Assistant – Wausau , Wisconsin

Receptionist – Wausau , Wisconsin – $13.00 per hour

Intake Specialist – Wausau , Wisconsin – $14.50 per hour

Project Manager/Designer – Wausau , Wisconsin – $35.00 per hour

Account Rep – Schofield , Wisconsin

Customer Service Representative – Schofield , Wisconsin

IS Support Technician – Stevens Point , Wisconsin

Human Resources – Stevens Point , Wisconsin

Administrative Assistant – Amherst , Wisconsin – $12 to $15 per hour

Intake Specialist – Stevens Point , Wisconsin – $14.00 per hour

Inventory Clerk 1st – Sturgeon Bay , Wisconsin – $13.00 per hour

Director of Operations/HR – Winona , Minnesota – $60,000 annually

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Have questions about one of these great career positions? Just give us a call; we’re here to support you in your job search!


Motivating Employees: Looking Beyond Money

July 15th, 2019

Summer 2019 ABR HR Insights Magazine

ABR HR Insights Magazine

Summer 2019

Today’s ever-shifting employment and market landscapes can sometimes make it difficult to know the best ways to hire and manage employees. New management trends arise every day: some are a flash in the pan, some stick around for a while, and some disappear but return when business conditions change. In every issue of our HR Insights Magazine, industry thought leaders offer their insights on strategies on a diverse array of topics: developing strong leadership, implementing policies and practices to improve productivity and branding, and making better hires, to name just a few.

Engagement takes center stage in this issue of ABR HR Insights Magazine. It influences hiring, retention, productivity, and pretty much anything else related to a company function. In short, it’s critical to the well-being of any organization. In our feature article – How to Motivate Employees: Look Beyond Money – Valerie M. Grubb writes about the importance of engagement but says that the way to cultivate it is not by opening the wallet.

Says Grubb, “Money can buy a lot of things, but it can’t buy everything. And in the workplace, it can’t buy the attitudes and knowledge that drive employee engagement.”

Managers who want to improve engagement should show appreciation, provide opportunities, and engage in other non-monetary strategies. It’s no secret that when employees aren’t engaged, they don’t do their jobs well. And when they don’t do their jobs well, the entire organization suffers.

Don’t let this happen to you! Contact any ABR location today to see how we can help your company improve its employees’ engagement and any other issues that can affect staffing—and your organization’s success.

July 2019 Webinars on ABR JobConnect

July 1st, 2019

Our goal is to help you achieve career success. We offer weekly free career webinars on job hunting advice. A live question and answer period is held at the end of each webinar. This provides a great forum to instantaneously receive guidance to solve job search problems you may be facing.

Our July line-up includes:

Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities

Date: Monday, July 1st
Time: 12:00 pm EST (9:00 am PST, 10:00 am MST, 11:00 am CST)

Description: Finding a job is not an easy process and you will encounter obstacles throughout your job search. Because finding a job is a sales process, you will experience objections. You could also be experiencing obstacles you are inadvertently creating. During this session, we will address the following:

  • How to convert obstacles into opportunities
  • Why you should welcome objections
  • How to eliminate obstacles you are creating in your job search

Uncover Unadvertised Job Opportunities

Date: Monday, July 8th
Time: 12:00 pm EST (9:00 am PST, 10:00 am MST, 11:00 am CST)

Many employers have confidential positions that are not advertised. These are positions that are held by someone who is either on probation or on the verge of being fired. These can also be new positions that are created by a new contract, new technology or project. During this session, we will address the following:

  • How to uncover unadvertised job opportunities
  • Conducting a proactive vs. reactive job search
  • Why this must become a part of your job search efforts

Do’s and Don’ts of an Employment Application

Date: Thursday, July 18th
Time: 3:00 pm EST (12:00 pm PST, 1:00 pm MST, 2:00 pm CST)

 If you submitted a resume and have now been sent an application, you have already made it past the first hurdle in this company’s interview process. Companies only reach out to candidates they feel could be a possible fit for their position. The answers you provide on an application form often determine if you are interviewed or screened out. During this session, we will address the following:

  • Answers that enhance your chance of being interviewed
  • Answers that can cause you to be screened out
  • The best way to handle salary on an employment application

Getting Unstuck: How to Re-THINK Your Job Search

Date: Thursday, July 25th
Time: 1:00 pm EST (10:00 am PST, 11:00 am MST, 12:00 pm CST)

Description: Job searching doesn’t have to be hard and defeating. Come find out how to be an UNSTOPPABLE SOURCE of POWER in achieving your goals. Learn how you can use SIMPLE SYSTEMS that allow you to be effective in your job search.

Start to use a PROVEN PROCESS that can turn frustrations and obstacles into opportunities – on the spot! What a great ADVANTAGE for you to have “huge breakthrough” in your job search! Here is a peek of what we’ll cover in the webinar:

  • GET FOCUSED: A clear focus allows to be super-effective as you to aim directly for your goal and course-correct as necessary.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY MEASURES: The right thinking and right actions lead you to the right results! Measure it and you get better and better.
  • REACHING for EXCELLENCE: You are the only authority in your life. Do your personal best every day!
  • GETTING UNSTUCK: Instantly let go of negative feelings like fear, resistance, and procrastination

There is so much happening in our lives today, that it doesn’t take much to knock us off-track. This webinar is uplifting and empowering!