ABR HR Insights Magazine, Autumn 2019

November 18th, 2019

Real estate professionals use the term “buyers’ market” when there are far more houses for sale than there are prospective buyers. Under those conditions, buyers can be extra picky—and sellers must work harder to entice
them. Employment has its own version of the buyers’ market, and we’re in the middle of it right now: there are
more open positions than there are qualified applicants, which means that companies have to figure out new ways
to attract and retain top talent.

Fortunately, the contributors to ABR Employment Services HR Insights offer plenty of helpful guidance to organizations that seek to navigate these troubled waters successfully. One key point to keep in mind is that the job market is always in flux, and circumstances can change dramatically
(and quickly).

In this issue’s feature article, “Career Paths Are Out—and Career Portfolios Are In,” Charles Coy takes in the big-picture view of the job market and the talent pool. In a conversation with futurist April Rinne, he explores how the growing presence of “portfolioists” in the workplace is reshaping hiring practices and work communities.

As companies struggle to anticipate the opportunities (and challenges) they’ll be facing, one common theme
has emerged: today’s employees want more than good salaries.

  • Peter Bellotti (“Best Practices for Employee Experience Programs”) explains that they want their jobs to have meaning—and companies need to provide that if they want to engage (and keep) their workers.
  • Tori Fica (“How to Help Employees Feel Valued at Work”) underscores the positive impact of rewarding people through compensation and recognition, pointing out that “employees perform better when they see that what they’re doing day in and day out matters.”
  • In “The Importance of Building Trust within a Company,” Insight Worldwide highlights trust as a major driver of employee engagement: “When employees are confident that they have management’s trust, usually those employees will not only meet expectations but actually exceed them. In an environment of trust—where they are both trusted and trustworthy—employees are more engaged and more productive.“

How is your organization faring in today’s tough employment market? If you’re looking for new strategies for finding and keeping great employees, we can help! Remember, the business world keeps evolving, so it’s always wise to prepare for whatever may lie ahead.

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