5 Benefits Working With a Staffing Agency as a Business

on November 14, 2022 in ABR Blog, HR and Workforce Tips


Companies turn to a staffing agency when they need assistance filling positions or want to outsource HR responsibilities. US staffing revenue is projected to grow 14% this year to reach a record of $212.8 billion, according to the recently released “US Staffing Industry Forecast: September 2022 Update” report by Staffing Industry Analysts.

5 Benefits Working with a Staffing Agency

  1. Wide Network of Talent. A staffing agency’s network of candidates is constantly growing. They can also reach into their community of passive candidates. Many staffing agencies also receive referrals from current and previous candidates.
  2. Adaptability. They know how to recruit for the different industries they specialize in and easily navigate the recruiting process. If a candidate leaves the position prematurely, an agency can quickly and easily replace them, providing a seamless transition for the company.
  3. Handles Onboarding and Payroll. Staffing agencies handle temporary team member onboarding, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, and unemployment benefits.
  4. Try out a Candidate Before Hiring (Try-Before-Hire). Working with a staffing company reduces a company’s risk when it comes to hiring new employees. Partnering with a staffing agency can increase retention and decrease high turnover costs.
  5. Local Expertise. Using a staffing agency provides employers access to the agency’s understanding of active and passive candidates, local market trends, and salary ranges.

When Should You Use a Staffing Agency?

  • Urgent Hiring Need. If your company has urgent hiring needs or is growing rapidly, a staffing agency can help fill positions quickly.
  • Seasonal Work (Temporary Staffing). Positions for seasonal work only need to be filled during part of the year or need an increased number of employees during a certain period. A staffing agency can get you the employees you need for the period that you need them.
  • Looking for Specific Skill Sets. If you are looking to fill a position requiring a particular skill set, a staffing agency can pre-screen, interview, and find qualified candidates for you.
  • Time Restrictions. Filling a position can be a long process (posting jobs, reviewing resumes, interviewing, etc.). When you partner with a staffing agency, it allows you to focus on your business while the agency focuses on the recruiting and hiring process.
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