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Applying for an Administrative Assistant Job Tips

After choosing a field you love and getting the education and skills you need to succeed, how do you show employers you’re the perfect candidate? Here are tips on applying for an administrative assistant job:  1. Your Cover Letter For starters, you’ll need an impeccable cover letter. Typically an employer gives each applicant’s resume and […]


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10 Easy Ways to Reward Your Top Employees

Every company wants a happy workforce. Offering rewards is just one way to turn those frowns upside down – and one way to motivate employees to do their best work. When it comes to rewards, compensation, benefits, recognition, and appreciation come into play. Companies often forget the importance employees place on those last two items: […]


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Workplace Safety Tips For Industrial Workers

When you start a new job, there’s a lot to take in.  New policies, procedures, guidelines and the like. In an industrial setting, staying safe on the job is a top priority. That’s why we’re doing an overview of some common workplace safety guidelines for industrial workers. Here’s a refresher course on preventative behaviors that […]


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