ABR HR Insights Magazine, Autumn 2019

November 18th, 2019

Real estate professionals use the term “buyers’ market” when there are far more houses for sale than there are prospective buyers. Under those conditions, buyers can be extra picky—and sellers must work harder to entice
them. Employment has its own version of the buyers’ market, and we’re in the middle of it right now: there are
more open positions than there are qualified applicants, which means that companies have to figure out new ways
to attract and retain top talent.

Fortunately, the contributors to ABR Employment Services HR Insights offer plenty of helpful guidance to organizations that seek to navigate these troubled waters successfully. One key point to keep in mind is that the job market is always in flux, and circumstances can change dramatically
(and quickly).

In this issue’s feature article, “Career Paths Are Out—and Career Portfolios Are In,” Charles Coy takes in the big-picture view of the job market and the talent pool. In a conversation with futurist April Rinne, he explores how the growing presence of “portfolioists” in the workplace is reshaping hiring practices and work communities.

As companies struggle to anticipate the opportunities (and challenges) they’ll be facing, one common theme
has emerged: today’s employees want more than good salaries.

  • Peter Bellotti (“Best Practices for Employee Experience Programs”) explains that they want their jobs to have meaning—and companies need to provide that if they want to engage (and keep) their workers.
  • Tori Fica (“How to Help Employees Feel Valued at Work”) underscores the positive impact of rewarding people through compensation and recognition, pointing out that “employees perform better when they see that what they’re doing day in and day out matters.”
  • In “The Importance of Building Trust within a Company,” Insight Worldwide highlights trust as a major driver of employee engagement: “When employees are confident that they have management’s trust, usually those employees will not only meet expectations but actually exceed them. In an environment of trust—where they are both trusted and trustworthy—employees are more engaged and more productive.“

How is your organization faring in today’s tough employment market? If you’re looking for new strategies for finding and keeping great employees, we can help! Remember, the business world keeps evolving, so it’s always wise to prepare for whatever may lie ahead.

Offboarding: What it Means and Why it Matters

September 13th, 2019

ABR HR Insights Magazine Autumn 2019

In every edition of our HR Insights Magazine, influential and wide-ranging thought leaders in HR, recruitment, staffing, management, and other fields discuss themes that are relevant to our clients’ businesses.

Workplaces are full of relationships, and the one that exists between an organization and its candidates and employees forms the foundation of everything the organization does. In this issue of our HR Insights, we have gathered some great articles that speak to the importance of building and strengthening the company–employee relationship at all stages of the employment cycle.

Feature Article: Offboarding: What it Means and Why it Matters

Contrary to popular belief, the end of someone’s employment does not necessarily mark the end of his or her relationship with that company. As Brian Anderson writes in “Offboarding: What It Means and Why It Matters,” the last stage of someone’s employment cycle with an organization can have long-lasting effects on the organization’s employer brand, performance management, and potential to hire boomerang employees.

Abby Perkins continues the examination of boomerang employees in “6 Tips for Interviewing and Hiring Former Employees.” Because these candidates are already familiar with the company (and already know many of the people there), there are a number of special considerations to keep in mind when engaging with this talent pool.

In “Worth the Investment: Why Corporate Culture Is Important,” Julie Dodd explains how today’s tight job market makes it more important than ever for organizations “to foster a high-functioning, people-first corporate culture” that attracts candidates and retains current employees.

A company runs on its people, and those people do their best work when they are engaged and feel connected to the organization and its purpose. In its relationships with its employees, a company can promote the growth of that engagement and purpose.

Need to Replace Offboarded Employees?

Great ideas and partnerships begin with a conversation. Contact any ABR location now to get started.

Motivating Employees: Looking Beyond Money

July 15th, 2019

Summer 2019 ABR HR Insights Magazine

ABR HR Insights Magazine

Summer 2019

Today’s ever-shifting employment and market landscapes can sometimes make it difficult to know the best ways to hire and manage employees. New management trends arise every day: some are a flash in the pan, some stick around for a while, and some disappear but return when business conditions change. In every issue of our HR Insights Magazine, industry thought leaders offer their insights on strategies on a diverse array of topics: developing strong leadership, implementing policies and practices to improve productivity and branding, and making better hires, to name just a few.

Engagement takes center stage in this issue of ABR HR Insights Magazine. It influences hiring, retention, productivity, and pretty much anything else related to a company function. In short, it’s critical to the well-being of any organization. In our feature article – How to Motivate Employees: Look Beyond Money – Valerie M. Grubb writes about the importance of engagement but says that the way to cultivate it is not by opening the wallet.

Says Grubb, “Money can buy a lot of things, but it can’t buy everything. And in the workplace, it can’t buy the attitudes and knowledge that drive employee engagement.”

Managers who want to improve engagement should show appreciation, provide opportunities, and engage in other non-monetary strategies. It’s no secret that when employees aren’t engaged, they don’t do their jobs well. And when they don’t do their jobs well, the entire organization suffers.

Don’t let this happen to you! Contact any ABR location today to see how we can help your company improve its employees’ engagement and any other issues that can affect staffing—and your organization’s success.

Technology And The Future of Recruiting

January 14th, 2019

ABR HR Insights Magazine

Feature Article: Technology & The Future of Recruiting

Every issue of our HR Insights Magazine contains advice and guidance from industry thought leaders that can give your company a leg up in managing all aspects of the employment lifecycle within your company. In this issue we examine:

  • Technology and the future of recruiting (feature story)
  • Recruitment principles for every hiring situation
  • Balancing fund and productivity in the workplace
  • Benefits of microlearning

Great Ideas & Partnerships Begin With A Conversation

Sure, companies that stick with conventional recruitment and retention strategies can still build connections with candidates and employees. But as new technologies and practices continue to alter the hiring landscape, organizations that don’t change with the times may find themselves falling farther and farther behind. Want to explore new possibilities for your company? Let us know how we can help!

HR Insights Magazine: Winter Issue

November 19th, 2018

Feature Article: ABR Professional Search

In every edition of our HR Insights Magazine, influential and wide-ranging thought leaders in HR, recruitment, staffing, management, and other fields discuss themes that are relevant to our clients’ businesses.

The feature article of this issue spotlights our professional search division. CEO Jim McNett explains how contingent and priority search services were created to in response to client needs for mid-level management positions.

contingent priority search

Great Ideas & Partnerships Begin With A Conversation

If you are having trouble finding your perfect candidate, take some time to reconsider how—and where—you’re searching for and evaluating them. They may already be in our database! We can help you reframe your search criteria and focus your efforts in new directions so you have more success in finding what you need. Get in touch with us now.

Workplace AI: Friend or Foe?

September 17th, 2018

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Feature Article Focus: Workplace AI

In every edition of our HR Insights Magazine, influential and wide-ranging thought leaders in HR, recruitment, staffing, management, and other fields discuss themes that are relevant to our clients’ businesses. The subjects differ from issue to issue, of course, but they are always connected to the latest industry news and trends. In this edition we help you prepare for the future now.

Use Workplace AI To Improve Security, Services, Productivity & Satisfaction

In this issue’s feature, “Get Ready for AI to Change the Workplace,” Nicholas McQuire describes how organizations can use artificial intelligence technology to improve their security and services as well as employee productivity and satisfaction. “Companies that want to benefit the most from the shift toward more AI in the workplace,” he writes, “should start preparing now—not later—for its arrival.”

Advantages & Pitfalls of Certain Workplace AI Functions

Another contributor, Rebecca S. King, also turns her thoughts toward what happens when tech applications replace some of the tasks that have been traditionally fulfilled by humans. In “Replacing Human Managers with Programming in the Gig Economy,” she examines what a case study of one automated platform reveals about the advantages (and pitfalls) of growing use of AI for certain managerial functions.

It is impossible to stop the future. But it is possible to prepare for it. Are you ready for what is coming?

Great Ideas & Partnerships Begin With A Conversation

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ABR HR Insights Magazine: Workplace Communication

May 21st, 2018

Feature article focus: workplace communication

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Employees who feel connected to and invested in their organizations are more likely to stick around, and good communication can play a key role in helping them feel that way.

In this issue’s feature article, “It’s Time to Revolutionize Workplace Communication!” Mark Sawyier notes workplace communication is behind the times. Even though it’s not the most efficient communication tool and takes up far more of our work days than it should, e-mail continues to dominate the business world.

Workplace Communication Is More Than Newsletters & The Company Intranet

Newsletters and company intranets are ignored because they’re not engaging, and instant messaging focuses too much on productivity and isn’t fun to use. It’s clear that organizations need to revamp how they communicate with their employees. They need to implement solutions that communicate important information to their employees and engage them at the same time.describes how to make sure that such communication both informs and engages employees.

Sawyier describes how to make sure that such communication both informs and engages employees.

Great Ideas & Partnerships Begin With A Conversation

Let us help you determine the best ways to strengthen workplace communication within! Contact any of our locations to get the dialog going.


ABR HR Insights Magazine: Developing Millennials

March 7th, 2018

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Feature article focus: developing millennials

Even as technology increasingly mediates our interactions with the world and with each other, interpersonal relationships still form the foundation of our society. In companies, such relationships exist between employees and management, among workplace colleagues, between organizations and their clients and vendors, and in many other areas. The articles in this edition of HR Insights describe what companies can do to strengthen the connections with their employees—and thereby strengthen themselves.

Developing Millennials

Part of building a strong relationship involves meeting the needs of everyone in it. As the workplace model shifts from one in which employees expect to move up the ladder in one field to one in which they prioritize exploring several fields in order to find meaningful work and opportunities, companies need to be ready to accommodate those preferences. In the feature article for this issue, “How to Support Tomorrow’s Leaders Today,” aka developing millennials, Ashley Goldsmith suggests strategies that organizations can implement in order to navigate this shift successfully.

Sometimes one of the best things companies can do to help foster connection is to encourage employees to interact directly with each other more—or maybe even insist on it. In the Water cooler column for this issue (“A Radical Proposition: Phone-Free Conference Rooms”), Mike McKerns writes that maybe companies should “just keep phones out of the conference room entirely” so they don’t interfere with “living in the moment and building real face-to- face relationships.”

Great Ideas & Partnerships Begin With A Conversation

We believe strongly in the power of connection. Let us help you determine the best ways to strengthen the connections within (and outside) your organization! Contact any of our locations to get the dialog going.

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