2015 Best of Staffing Client Testimonials

March 23rd, 2015

Best of StaffingABR Client Testimonials: Service Through our Client’s Eyes

ABR is the only staffing agency in Wisconsin to have received the Best of Staffing Award for service quality.

How did ABR receive the Best of Staffing Client Award four consecutive years in a row? We received over 100 testimonials  from client survey participants that rated ABR a 9 or 10 for service excellence. Below is a small sampling of what these clients had to say.

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Appleton Client Kelly Kohlbeck – “There was good, open communication throughout the staffing process.  I was also impressed with the quality of reliable candidates that were shared with us and who ultimately filled our operational needs.”

ABR Brookfield Client Michelle Pollard – “Excellent Service, follow up and candidates.”

Green Bay Client – “You always seem to get the people we need or you are up front if you don’t think you can find anyone for us at that time. The staff are friendly.”

La Crosse Client Jeff Guggenbuehl – “I have had very good results with ABR. When I have an issue, my representative takes care of it right away.”

Madison Client Taylor Habel – “I feel like the staff of ABR always does a great job following up and helping us in our search for a temporary position.  I feel that the employees that have been referred to us from ABR are good candidates with a lot of potential.”

Manitowoc Client Maureen Raynier – “The Staff at ABR is always prompt and professional and the applicants they provide are quality people.”

Sparta Client – “Friendly staff, excellent method of pre-qualifying potential candidates, user-friendly online interface, easy billing. The quality of the candidates, the efforts to hold job fairs on our behalf, the unconditional guarantee.”

Stevens Point Client – “I’ve called upon ABR to provide me with employees to work various positions in our company and they do an excellent job of determining the skills of the employees to make sure that they fit our needs.  ABR has provided short term employees as well as long term and we have filled permanent positions as well.  They have a great team that follows up on a regular basis to see how the employees are doing.  I’m most pleased with ABR!”

Sturgeon Bay Client – ABR provides great results; the orders get filled in time.

Wausau Client Randy Blaschka – “I have provided a positive rating primarily because of the quality and type of employees I strive to find and ABR has helped us out at times of difficulty in find short term and long term help. If ABR recommends an employee, its very likely that that employee will become a full time employee. ABR is tremendous to work with!!”