ABR Connected Me With The Right Employer

January 30th, 2017

I am happy to recommend ABR Employment Services to anyone looking for a job. As someone new to the Stevens Point area, I found ABR’s assistance invaluable. They have a great reputation, are well known in the community and went the extra mile to connect me with the right employer. They are professional, organized and gave me confidence in my search for a new position in a new city.

I was offered several opportunities and I am pleased with my current assignment, that has turned into a long term, possibly permanent position. One thing that really impressed me about ABR is that they make it a point to acquaint you with several people in their office. Through ABR, I have made professional contacts that will no doubt have a positive effect on my career going forward.

Thanks ABR!

– Mereta Walker



You Gave Me Back My Life

October 26th, 2015

Lori Beyer2My Story by Lori Beyer

I worked for a very well-known factory and was severed from that company. That company had become a family for me, it was very hard for me to deal with the situation. I was also my family’s sole provider; talk about pressure! When I was  job hunting, I decided to apply at ABR and got a phone call a few days later.

After answering some questions I was invited to come in to ABR and met the most understanding and compassionate lady that I had ever met, Tama!

Not only did she look at my skills but also looked at the type of person that I am to make sure that I would fit in at a new workplace.

 She told me about an HR Assistant opportunity which is what I loved doing, in a factory that deals with the product like the company I was severed from. 

Tama had the job interview set with a time and a date right away. She suggested that I should just be myself. She also gave the people I was interviewing with information about me. I interviewed with two people and they decided to give me the job.

After working there for a while, I proved myself and they hired me permanently!

 I like how you got to know me in order to find the right job for me. My overall experience with ABR is “what an outstanding company”! I can’t say in words the thankfulness that my family and I have for ABR; you truly have a great company and exceptional employees!

Tama and ABR have given back to me my life! I hope that you bring many more blessings to others as you have given to my family and me!

ABR Best of Staffing Talent Testimonials

March 24th, 2015

Best of Staffing2






ABR is the only staffing agency in Wisconsin to have received the Best of Staffing Award for service quality.

How did ABR receive the Best of Staffing Talent Award five years in a row? We received over 400 ABR Best of Staffing Talent testimonials from survey participants that rated ABR a 9 or 10 for service excellence. Below is a small sampling of what our talent had to say.

ABR Appleton Talent Krystal Kenowski – ABR helped me get in with a reputable company. I worked hard and got hired on permanently.  I am thankful that I was given a chance because I had almost no experience in the manufacturing/production industry.  I now have stable employment with good pay and benefits.

ABR Brookfield Talent Rochelle Wallace – They were extremely helpful and had me gainfully employed within a week. Not only with a job, but with a highly respected reputable company.

ABR La Crosse Talent Mikayla Thornton-Paulson – Everyone at ABR is super friendly and helpful. Every time I call, the representatives know exactly who I am when I say my name. They are very prompt with their responses, and always make me feel important. They seem to truly care about my feelings toward my occupation.

ABR/LHI La Crosse Talent Starr Neumann – ABR has placed me in a company I love working for and a job I look forward to going to everyday.

ABR Madison Talent Ektina Jones – I love working for ABR because they placed me with an excellent employer. This is the best place that I have ever worked!

ABR Manitowoc Talent Gaoleh Lor – The recruiters are very understanding. They call me every now and then to see how things are going with my job placement. I feel comfortable talking to my recruiter; I love that she is always willing to talk about any of my concerns, even when she has so many other potential employees scheduled to meet with her. This is my second time applying through ABR and they have been such a great help! They made my move to Manitowoc so much easier! Thank you for being there for me and my family.

ABR Sparta Talent Zacharie Bauer – They have been amazingly friendly and always kind to me. They are prompt and have wonderful people skills. They were warm to both me and my family. I love working with them. I will be truly sad to move into a permanent position as I will miss them dearly.

ABR Stevens Point Talent Jan Hietpas – ABR has each employee’s best interest at heart, above everything else!  They have the utmost respect for the people they place in jobs and are truly good people, trying to do the best for everyone. They have made my life better in so many ways, that I could never begin to thank them enough!

ABR Sturgeon Bay Talent Christie Schreier – I am very happy with working through ABR. They were able to place me quickly after applying, found a job and hours compatible with me and my schedule. I have been telling all my friends that are searching for work to apply.

ABR Wausau Talent Jessica Griffin – ABR has been quick and efficient in matching me up with a career assignment that’s relevant to my work skills. Their representatives are always friendly and professional during any interaction I’ve had with them. I’m definitely pleased with my experience. Thanks ABR!

What do you love about working for ABR? Leave a comment below.

The ABR Staff Was Always Helpful

March 2nd, 2015

imagesMelinda (ABR Winona) shares her ABR experience:

“I had been out of school for over six months when ABR Employment Services first contacted me. They found my resume on Indeed.com and told me that they were interested in working with me. The process for applying was really easy; I went to abrjobs.com and signed up for a new account and then filled out their application online.

A few jobs came up that were not really for me, but it gave me the opportunity to go in and meet with the ABR staff, get my interview done and complete my new-hire paperwork. In less than a month since the first time I was contacted, a job opened up that was a good fit for me. It was a try-before-hire position and it seemed really perfect.

Before I was hired on for full-time with my assignment, the ABR staff did a really great job helping me get acclimated to the new position. Whenever I had problems at work, or a lack of training, ABR helped facilitate those conversations, and always made sure that I was comfortable and confident at work. When my try-before-hire period was over, ABR worked very hard to coordinate with the human resources to help me negotiate the terms of my new contract and I was very pleased with the results. It made asking the difficult questions easy.

In fact, everything about working with ABR made the entire job-seeking and employment process much simpler! I no longer had to spend hours scouring over the same websites and newspapers, ABR found jobs for me. When I was working for ABR, all of the information was clear and the ABR staff was always helpful whenever I had questions. If anything ever happens in the future and I find myself without a job, I know that I’ll be working with ABR Employment Services again.”

-Melinda Cooks


ABR Respects Me; Other Staffing Agencies Didn’t

January 13th, 2015

ABR Respects Me; Other Staffing Agencies Didn’t

Janessa (ABR Madison) shares her experience about what it’s like to work for ABR:

Growing up, my parents always told me, ‘Treat others like you want to be treated’. I started working for ABR in November 2014. ABR treats me the way I want to be treated, with respect and kindness. I’ve never worked for a staffing agency that has done that, and I’ve worked for a few. The people at ABR are kind, understanding and work with you until you find a job that is a good fit.

The other staffing companies I’ve worked for would promise things and not deliver on what they promised. That’s not professional.

ABR manages their job boards well. They are up to date with their job postings and they’re taken down when the job is filled. Other staffing companies I’ve worked for would leave old job posts up. I would apply for jobs that had already been filled and that was frustrating.

I love ABR! They’re the only staffing company I’ve worked for that has a monthly drawing for staff to win $1,000! And, the only one I’ve worked for that gives out quarterly awards to people for great on-the-job performance.

If you’re looking for an office job and want to be treated with the type of respect you deserve, apply at ABR.



ABR Is A Fantastic Job Resource for Work

December 15th, 2014


 ABR regularly receives testimonials and letters of thanks from our Talent. We recently received the following from Stephen Dumke (ABR Appleton):

ABR has been a fantastic resource for me in finding me work. The staff go above and beyond when looking for a job  you find suitable, what they pay, your interests and what type of work you would like to do. I’ve been incredibly amazed at the speed in which finding me various jobs and positions has been achieved. It relieves stress from your mind when you know they are working so hard to find you work and within days, not weeks, they have found you something.

So in this sense, it takes the wondering where my next paycheck is coming from out of the equation! Everyone  is always very kind and polite, and they always go out of their way to make sure you like what you’re doing and are comfortable with it. The service and how they treat you as an employee is nothing short of outstanding. I would definitely recommend their services for anybody who’s having trouble finding a job in this tough job market to give them a call and have them help you find a career!

My Job Is Rewarding; I Love What I Do!

December 8th, 2014

Photo by Deb Cleworth, Daily Tribune Media

Photo by Deb Cleworth, Daily Tribune Media. Shown: ABR Stevens Point Talent Sally Flanegan enjoys her job at the WI Rapids Lowell Center.

This article has been reprinted with permission from the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune.

Sally Flanagan remembers her birthday – and not because it was necessarily spectacular.

The day before her birthday, she go laid off her job of almost 25 years; she was seventh in line for seniority. After spending the day with her puppy, the dog was hit and killed by a car, one hour before the midnight bell that would declare Flanagan another year older.

“So I took the summer off”, said Flanagan, 53, of Nekoosa, now the volunteer coordinator at the Lowell Center.

The Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln graduate started at Pacific International when she was 19. She worked her way up from word processing to case management.

“It was kind of when I discovered customer service and that I had a knack for relating to people,” Flanagan said.

After being laid off, she registered with ABR Employment Services in Stevens Point, a temporary staffing agency.

“The first interview they sent me on was this one – ‘click,’ Flanagan said, referring to the Lowell Center position.

Normally a shy person when out of her element, Flanagan said the interview just felt right.

“It was like magic,” she said.

She got called the next day with the job offer.

“It was like it was meant to be,” she said. “I didn’t realize there were great jobs out there like this – when you get the job that’s the right fit, it’s amazing; it’s wonderful.”

Flanagan works with Joan Kranig, program coordinator.

“She does the programming, and I make sure they get off the ground,” Flanagan said. “We make a great team, I think.”

“…[my job] is so rewarding…to show up for work everyday with people you love – there’s no better feeling. I love what I do so much, plus I get paid! How lucky can a girl be?”

You Set Me Up With An Unbelievable Opportunity ABR

December 3rd, 2014

THANK YOU on speech bubble price labels

ABR regularly receives testimonials and letters of thanks from our Talent. We recently received the following from Mark Reinke (ABR Appleton):

You made my being hired on happen. Sure I put in the hard work and took all the overtime I could possibly take. But, you set me up with the unbelievable opportunity laid out before me. I’m very delighted with my position, the surroundings, people and look forward to a long career there.

Since the beginning of September when we first talked of a position being available, I had made it a goal of mine to be hired on permanently by Thanksgiving. It pays to set goals, believe me.

Again, I want to thank you form the bottom of my heart. You have no idea how grateful I am for this opportunity.

Forever in debt to you,
Mark M. Reinke

Thank you Mark! ABR appreciates all of your hard work. We are happy we could assist you in finding a job that you love!

I Am Excited To Start My New Job; Thank You!

July 10th, 2014


ABR regularly receives testimonials and letters of thanks from our Talent. We recently received the following from Samantha Roets:

I had been searching for a new position for almost a year with little progress. After noticing multiple job postings by ABR, I decided to submit my resume. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Then I got a call from the local ABR office.

From the onset, every member of the ABR staff I spoke with was friendly and helpful. During my initial interview, I received tips and suggestions to help me stand out from other applicants. Then I was referred to an ABR Representative who was helping a client fill an accounting/inventory clerk position. She is not only enthusiastic but also a great listener. When I said I wanted to find a company I could “call home,” she knew just the place. My resume was sent to the client. The next day, she called me to set up an interview.

After my interview with the client, my ABR Representative made sure to keep in touch with me and kept me posted. Her thoughtfulness and open communication, more than anything,  impressed me most. All too often, I had gone on interviews, only to never hear from the company again. In many ways, being left in the dark is worse than being rejected. However, with ABR, I never had to worry about unreturned phone calls and emails. Good news or bad, she would let me know. As it happened, the news was fantastic. When the client extended the job offer, she let me know immediately.

I am excited to start my new job, and words cannot express my gratitude for everything ABR has done to help me reach this point. Thank you!


Samantha Roets

My Experience With ABR Has Been Fantastic

July 10th, 2014



ABR regularly receives testimonials and letters of thanks from our Talent. We recently received the following from Jacob McAllister:

My experience with ABR has been fantastic. This is my first time working with a temporary staffing agency and it has been a very positive experience. And that was how I first got involved with ABR as opposed to the other agency in town. I had heard a lot of good things about ABR from other people. The thing that I really appreciated from the company was the courtesy of the people in the office – that’s probably what makes or breaks any company. They treated me as an individual person and cared about me as such, giving any of their time if needed without hesitation. Very friendly and easy to work with. I had an amazing job opportunity through ABR with a phenomenal company and it has been nothing but an absolute pleasure to be a part of it. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

– Jacob McAllister