ABR Staffing Services

Your Primary Staffing Partner

We partner with our clients to offer on-site staffing, on-time staffing, temporary staffing, temporary-to-hire staffing, direct hire staffing,and custom staffing services.

We work within the industrial, administrative, call center and food and beverage industries to bring the Best of Staffing workforce solutions to our clients.

On-Site Staffing

On-Site Staffing is a contingent workforce management program, which encompasses every facet of coordinating, ordering, planning and tracking of your contingent employees. With On-Site Staffing, ABR becomes an extension of your HR Department.

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On-Time Staffing

When you need employees to supplement your core workforce, ABR’s On-Time Staffing delivers. From last minute fill-ins to short-and long-term temporary staffing, ABR provides qualified workers when and where you need them. As your staffing services partner, we’re responsible for sourcing talent, managing payroll, and ensuring the performance of our people.ABR will help you improve productivity, reduce labor costs, mitigate employment risk, and improve focus on your critical business issues.

Temporary Staffing

When your organization needs to become more efficient in procuring staffing and consolidating staffing agencies, ABR can help. We can effectively recruit, retain, and manage non-core workforce along with supervising secondary vendors. As your Primary Partner for your temporary staffing needs, we can save you time, money, and resources by reducing training, decreasing turnover, improving performance and increasing production.

Temporary-To-Hire Staffing

Need to hire, but don’t want to make a hiring mistake? Our Temporary-To-Hire staffing services allow you to test out new employees on the job before committing to a hiring decision. Before the placement, ABR will screen and interview candidates as carefully as you would. During the qualifying period, we work with you to ensure new employees meet your standards. By the time you make the decision to hire, your “new” employees are past the learning curve and ready to join your core workforce.

Direct Hire Staffing

Looking for hard-to-find talent? Or maybe you need to execute a confidential search or direct recruit from a competitor. ABR’s Direct Hire Staffing service saves you time and money because we do the candidate sourcing, screening, and preliminary interviews for you. We can also provide assessment testing, background screening and conduct reference checks. We will identify a large group of candidates via our website, our extensive talent database and numerous other recruiting sources. You interview only the most-qualified candidates–allowing you to hire faster, with far less disruption to your business.

Full Service Food & Beverage Industry Staffing

When ABR’s food and beverage manufacturing clients need to fill a senior level position, we partner with Kinsa Group, a division of ABR that provides executive recruiting and placement specific to the food and beverage industry. In turn, when Kinsa needs to fill an administrative, call center or industrial position, Kinsa partners with ABR.

We are the only Wisconsin and Minnesota based ‘one-stop-shop’ that can meet your food and beverage staffing/recruiting needs. Whether you are looking for production employees or your next president, you will realize cost savings with economies of scale by utilizing one food and beverage provider.

Customized Staffing Solutions

Not sure how to staff your next project? ABR will review your project needs and design a comprehensive custom staffing solution. Whether your need is seasonal, occasional or just out of the ordinary, we have the experience and resources to manage your staffing strategies!