ABR-Logistics Health Inc. Job Fair June 19

June 6th, 2013


ABR Employment Services in partnership with Logistics Health Inc. is hosting a job fair on Wednesday, June 19th from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m at:

The Cargill Room
Riverside Center South
328 Front Street
La Crosse, WI 54601

ABR-LHI is actively recruiting candidates for the following opportunities:

Medical Service Coordinator:  Pays $12.45 
Serves internal/external customers with regard to medical and dental readiness in a high-volume, dynamic call center while representing LHI in a courteous and professional manner.  Receives inbound and places outbound calls in order to schedule a variety of specific medical and dental services in accordance with the customer’s availability and contract guidelines.

Qualifications:  High School Diploma or equivalent combined with a minimum of 2 years customer service experience required.  Prior military or call center experience a plus.  Qualified candidates will possess excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills, exceptional telephone etiquette and experience using Microsoft Office programs.   Ability to move expediently through multiple applications while communicating with customers on the phone required.  Database experience/education preferred.

National Career Readiness Certificate preferred. Please note: In order to be considered for this position, you must be able to obtain an SF86 Position of Trust which is only available to U.S. Citizens.

Provider Network Contracting Specialist: Pays $15 plus

Job Summary: Build and maintain a successful working relationship between LHI and network providers to ensure a geographically competitive, broad access and stable network.  Routinely negotiate cost effective fees, confirm service capability, respond to provider inquiries, and educate providers on contract expectations, processes and paperwork.  Support implementation of strategies relating to the development and management of the provider network.  Comprehend detailed knowledge of contracts in order to translate subcontractor and fee agreements to the providers. Must be able to routinely evaluate and negotiate contracts in compliance with company contract templates, reimbursement standards, and other key process controls, while maintaining network composition that includes an appropriate distribution of provider specialties.

 Qualifications: Bachelors Degree in Business, Marketing and Communications or healthcare related field combined with a minimum of 1 year related experience (provider relations, network management, customer service and/or negotiations) required.  Two years experience preferred.  Previous experience utilizing financial models and analysis in negotiating rate structures required.  Medical, dental, or healthcare insurance experience preferred.  Equivalent combination of education, experience and/or applicable military experience will be considered.

Please visit abrjobs.com to complete an application. Need directions to the job fair? Get them on MapQuest.

Questions? Call us at 608 – 784 – 0760. We look forward to working with you!


ABR Manitowoc Job Fair May 30th

May 29th, 2013


ABR Employment Services of Manitowc is hosting a job fair on Thursday, May 30th from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m at our office located at 1011 Washington Street, Manitowoc, WI. Need directions?

We are actively recruiting candidates for administrative, call center, light industrial and skilled industrial positions. Please visit abrjobs.com to complete an application.

Questions? Call us at 920-684-8324. We look forward to working with you!

AA/EOE, Never a placement fee.

ABR Manitowoc Job Fair April 25

April 16th, 2013

ABR Employment Services of Manitowc is hosting a job fair on Thursday 4/25/13 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

We are actively recruiting candidates for the following positions:

Press Operator
Sales Administrator
Customer Service/Administrative Assistant
Customer Service/Repair Technician
General Labor
Machine Operators
Maintenance Mechanic
Production worker
Spray Gun Operator
CNC Machine Technician
Maintenance Personnel

Join us at 1011 Washington Street, Suite 1, Manitowoc, WI 54220.  Please apply online at abrjobs.com before the job fair. Questions? Call us at 920-684-8324. We look forward to working with you!


Tips for Effective Employee Onboarding

November 22nd, 2010

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

When you hear this saying, you may envision a nervous job seeker, compulsively straightening his suit and repeating his 30-second “personal sales pitch” before an interview.  But quite honestly, the saying is just as relevant for the hiring company.  Why?

When you mainstream and orient a new hire, you set the tone for his work experience with your organization.  The more positive that initial experience, the more welcome and prepared the individual will feel in his new position.  This will, in turn, give him the confidence and resources to quickly begin making a positive impact within your company (which is why you hired this person in the first place, right?).

So make a commitment to create a great first impression on your new hire by implementing a thorough and effective onboarding process.  Use these tips to make him feel welcomed, valued and prepared to hit the ground running:

  • Welcome a new employee with a letter.  Before the individual’s first day, send a friendly and informative letter to welcome him and review his first day’s schedule, helpful tips for parking, to whom he should report, etc.  Alternately, you can post new employee schedules, materials, benefits forms and a FAQ on your company Intranet, and make it accessible from a link in a welcome e-mail.
  • Prepare a corporate “family tree.”  Familiarize new hires with your company’s “who’s who.”  You can make photos, names and job titles available on your company’s Intranet, or maintain a simple bulletin board with the same info to facilitate the getting-to-know-you process.
  • Pre-orient existing staff members.  Provide employees with your new employee’s résumé and job description before he starts.  Advise each team member to conduct a meeting with the new hire in which he shares a description of his own position, reviews the ways their roles interact and covers how they might work together in the future.
  • Approach the process from the employee’s point of view.  The onboarding process can be complex and overwhelming for your new hire.  To keep your new team member feeling valued, try to create orientation procedures that make the process fun, interesting and as painless as possible.
  • Provide and review a written plan of employee objectives and responsibilities.  This step will eliminate confusion about job functions and will open the floor to discuss concerns or new opportunities.
  • Give the new employee your undivided attention.  Be careful not to let e-mails, phone calls, or other employees distract you during orientation sessions, because this sends the unintended message that the new hire is not worth your time – a real morale-killer.
  • Make day one personal.  Prioritize interpersonal relationships with key colleagues as soon as your new employee starts.  Make sure you welcome the whole person – not just a set of job functions – from the outset, and you’ll be sure to make a great first impression.

ABR Employment Services works to make new employee transitions as successful and simple as possible.  Our stringent screening process ensures that the candidates we refer (whether on-time or direct) have the skills, experience and traits necessary to integrate seamlessly with your existing workforce.  Contact us today to learn more about our staffing solutions for Wisconsin employers.

How to Handle Unusual Interview Questions

August 30th, 2010

It’s like a bad dream.

You’re in an interview, dressed to impress and feeling totally in control of the situation, when the unthinkable happens – the interviewer asks a question that completely stumps you: 

“If you could have dinner with anyone from history, whom would it be and why?”

“Why is a manhole cover round?”

“Which fictional character would you say best describes you?”

If just reading these questions makes beads of sweat pop out on your forehead, you’re not alone.  In an interview situation, most of us would be stopped in our tracks by off-the-wall questions like these.  But that’s the point:  interviewers ask odd questions intentionally, to see how well job candidates thinks on their feet and respond to stress.

Because unusual interview questions can be about virutally any topic, they’re nearly impossible to prepare for.  Still, here are a few quick tips to help you handle them more effectively:

  • Keep your composure.  The question was meant to throw you off your game – so don’t let it rattle you.  Keep your face neutral and recognize that this is the wacky question you’ve been anticipating.
  • Take your time.  Smile, take a deep breath and avoid the temptation to blurt out an answer.  Don’t panic – if you have to take a moment to gather your thoughts, it merely demonstrates that you think carefully through a situation before responding.
  • Relax.  When it comes to unusual interview questions, your answer is not as important as how you handle the situation.  In fact, most don’t have right or wrong answers.  So take the pressure off yourself.  You don’t have to be brilliant, you just need to answer honestly.

If you’d like some practice answering off-the-wall questions, consider the following popular ones:

  • If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be?
  • If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time?
  • If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?
  • If you were a _________ (insert:  car, animal, salad dressing – you get the picture), what kind would you be and why?
  • If you won $50 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?
  • How would you rate me as an interviewer?

Be Prepared for Your Next Interview

Register with ABR Employment Services today.  Our team of staffing professionals will listen to your needs, match you with a perfect direct placement opportunity, and then prepare you to ace the interview.