ABR Employee Testimonials

We received a 4+ star rating and received over 800 testimonials from the employees we’ve helped with job placement! Here are just a few reasons why our employees choose to work with ABR.

Pamela Cushing

“I Highly Recommend ABR”

Signing up with ABR was the best thing I ever did. The staff was very helpful and the interview was a very pleasant  experience. I was recommended by ABR  to work on a special project at WPS Health Solutions. After the project was finished, I was hired on.  I have been working for WPS Health Solutions ever since. Thank you ABR for believing in me and giving me that opportunity! I would highly recommend your Employment Service to anyone.

Steve Hancock

“Best Job I Ever Had”

I was kept gainfully employed the entire two years plus that I was with ABR. I have now found a permanent full-time position with my latest assignment from ABR. The people at ABR are always professional and courteous. They encouraged me at all times to continue having hope that I would find a home somewhere.   now have the best job I have ever had and that is saying a mouthful since I have had over thirty jobs in my nearly forty years in the workforce.


Sharon Tylla

“ABR is a Top Notch Staffing Agency”

This is the 2nd year I’ve been employed with ABR Employment Services and the ABR staff are professional, responsive, supportive and overall outstanding in everything they do from the interview process through to the placement of being assigned to periodic check-in’s to see how the assignment is going.

I sincerely appreciated being recognized and the gift for National Staffing Employee Week this past September. Staff from our local ABR office came out to our office and delivered the message and gift in person. It was a very nice surprise.

I truly enjoy being an ABR employee and do my best to represent the company well. I’m so grateful to ABR and all the staff. I’m grateful to be employed. ABR is a top notch staffing agency. Thank you for all you do!