Call Center Jobs

Find a Call Center Job Today

Do you have great communication skills and enjoy solving customer problems? Call centers in Wisconsin and Minnesota are looking for driven individuals that can offer exceptional customer service. Begin your customer service career with ABR. Watch our video to get started.


Customer Care

Provide customer service and exceptional communication to customer inquiries and request. As a customer care specialist, the customer’s needs are your first priority.

Bilingual Call Center

Bilingual call centers are looking for individuals who can interact with customers and potential new leads in languages other than English. Put your second language skills to work today.

Inbound Call Center

At inbound call centers, you will respond to customer inquiries, process orders and route calls. This is the perfect job for those who can handle a large amount of calls and maintain customer information.

Outbound Call Center

If you enjoy reaching out to new people, consider a career at an outbound call center. You will contact potential new customers to describe products, services and obtain information on potential leads.


Motivated, results-driven individuals will excel at telemarketing jobs. Our companies are looking for individuals to solicit orders by calling customers and influencing them to buy.