The Benefits of Work Ready Talent:

  • Happier, more productive employees
  • Less training needed
  • More dependable workers
  • Less turnover
  • Fewer management headaches
  • Faster and easier hiring
  • Less hiring risk

ABR Talent Workplace Culture

Our Talent Centric Approach

We are only as good as the employees that we hire. So we must provide ABR talent a positive workplace culture. To attract and retain the “best of the best”, we provide our talent with a top-notch employee experience. Receiving consecutive Best of Staffing Awards are testimony that we provide the employee experience we promise.

To foster a positive culture, retain talent and provide a great experience we:

  1. Never refer to our employees as a TEMP; they are our talent
  2. Provide an easy-to-use online application and “lean” hiring process
  3. Communicate with talent frequently through check-in phone calls, emails, e-newsletters, social media and the ABR website
  4. Treat everyone with dignity and respect and provide awards, bonuses and recognition for a job well done
  5. Offer resources for people who cannot be placed such as ABR JobConnect
  6. Choose good companies where people want to work
  7. Focus our recruiting in specific disciplines. We focus only on the candidates we can help and spend more time providing them with a great experience.

Want to know more about our ABR talent workplace culture? Contact any ABR Representative.