What to Do When You Don’t Like Your Boss

on September 30, 2013 in ABR Blog, Career and Job Search Tips


Sometimes you don’t like your coworkers. And other times you don’t like your boss. Which is worse? It doesn’t matter. The truth is that you have to find a way to deal with this issue – fast. Your boss may be the key to your career success so it’s important to establish a relationship as quickly as possible. Here’s how.

1. Recognize the difference between “like” and “respect.”

Respect. It’s a feeling of admiration toward someone’s abilities, qualities, or achievements. Did you notice what that definition is missing? Personality. You don’t have to be buddy-buddy with your boss to respect his or her work ethic, career path, or management style. Find those things your boss does well and focus on those traits only.

2. Remember: “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.”

Think about what they can do for you and what you can do for them. If you go above and beyond on a big project, your boss may be more likely to let you request those certain vacation days you had in mind. Plan and structure your day with this in mind. Think of the big picture – and become indispensable.

3. Wear two hats: employee and friend. 

Don’t be overly sensitive when it comes to your boss’ attitude – sometimes the work needs to get done and there’s no sugar-coated way to deliver that news. That’s when you wear your “employee” hat and get working. But remember that just because someone is a “bad boss” doesn’t mean they’re a “bad person.” For some people, it’s hard to let their professional persona down and show off their human side. So get to know them more. Put on your “friend” hat and start with a little small talk. See if you can both let your guards down a little. Who knows, you might have a lot in common.