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August 19th, 2019

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Remember building things with Lego? Connecting different blocks together to form something amazing? Working with ABR to find your next job is kind of like that. We help connect you to area companies that are hiring.

As Your Employment Connection to the Future™  you’ll receive personal support to help you get the job offer. Whether that’s interview coaching, a resume review or interview dress tips, we’ll provide the guidance needed to help you land a position where you want to work, learn and grow.

Featured direct hire positions:

CNC Machinist – Green Bay , Wisconsin – $20 per hour

Direct Hire in Steel Manufacturing – Schofield , Wisconsin – $19 per hour

Industrial Electrician – Manitowoc , Wisconsin – $27 per hour

Sheet Metal Fabricator – Appleton , Wisconsin – $18 per hour

Installer – Stevens Point , Wisconsin – $15 per hour

Commercial Painter – Green Bay , Wisconsin – $17 per hour

U.S. Paper Mills-General Labor Pool – Menasha , Wisconsin – $45,000 + annually

Dust Collector Supervisor – Oshkosh , Wisconsin – $18 per hour

Youth Care Worker – New London , Wisconsin – $16 per hour

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Whether you’re looking for your first  job, have a few years of experience under your belt or are a total pro, we’ll help connect you to your new job! Best of all, there is no cost to you. Have questions about one of these great direct hire positions? Just give us a call; we’re here to support you in your job search!


Explaining a Lay Off or Firing In an Interview

April 9th, 2019

Experiencing a Work Lay Off or Firing is Emotional

And awkward. And no one wants to talk about it, especially during an interview. If you were laid off or were fired, the subject is going to come up. The interviewer is not looking to shun you, they just need to know what happened.

To clarify, a lay off and firing are two different things. With a lay off,  it typically has nothing to do with job performance. Layoffs occur when a company undergoes restructuring or downsizing or goes out of business.

Employees can be fired for a variety of reasons and are usually related to work performance or negative behavior.

Whatever happened, do this to help explain your situation.

Layoff: State the Facts 

There are certain things you must say in an interview, and then there are certain things that you most definitely should not say in an interview. Bad-mouthing your former employer is one of those things not to say! Even if your boss was a horrible person, or even if the company laid off a bunch of employees for what you suspect is no good reason, you have to remain professional.

If you were laid off, all you need to do is briefly state why you were laid off.

Addressing Being Fired

The way you explain what happened will make the difference. Your answer must be a believable and true statement, short, positive, and not critical of the company. To help you explain the firing, first answer these questions:

1. What did your former company tell you when you were terminated?

2. What do you believe was the reason for your termination?

Using the information above, write out a short answer.  Then, read the answer out loud in front of a mirror or video yourself and watch how and what you said. Is it smooth?  Is it honest?  Does it have any negative or critical comments about your past company?  If so, revise it!

Once you have completed this step, and feel good about your answer,  you will probably feel relief and begin to be comfortable with moving on in your job search.

Give Your Lay Off or Firing Situation a Positive Spin

Once you’ve covered the brief details of why you’re unemployed, do a quick flip. Focus on what you’ve been doing since you’ve been laid off or fired and how your positive attitude has gotten you over this obstacle. Rehearse a little speech on how you’re ready to tackle a new challenge and you’re looking forward to the future.

The rest of your interview should be business as usual. Remain positive and confident. Your potential employer won’t even remember that dreaded question if the rest of your interview outshines it. So be prepared. Be practiced. And that’s all there is to it.

Reach Out for Your Next Job Opportunity

You do not have to figure it all out on your own. Work with our award-winning job placement experts – free of charge! – to get you back to work. Contact any ABR office to get started.

How To Create A Job Reference Page

January 9th, 2019

What Employers Want In A Job Reference Page

So what’s the big deal about job references? And why does EVERY job you apply to ask for them? Employers aren’t asking to be annoying, promise!

The reason job references are so important is employers want to know about your work habits from past employers. Learning this information from people you’ve worked for in the past helps demonstrate that you’re qualified to do the job and will be a good team member.


Making A Job Reference Page

Employers are looking for the following information on a job reference page:

  • your references full name
  • their current job title
  • the company name
  • street address
  • city, state, zip code
  • telephone number
  • email address

It’s also good to include a brief sentence about your relationship to your reference.

Job Reference Page Visual

For example, your job reference page could look like this:

Be sure to let your references know that you are searching for a job! This will allow them time to reflect on your past work and prepare to address reference questions.

Most employers, ABR Employment Services included, need a minimum of two job references in order to consider you for employment. Help employers help you speed the hiring process along by having your references ready to go and up to date!

This blog was written by Joan Pajari, Senior Marketing Specialist at ABR Employment Services and Kinsa Group.

Free Resume Help On ABR JobConnect

December 12th, 2018

Free Resume Help A Few Clicks Away


Hello, ABR Employment Services; how may I help you?

Yeah, you’re an employment agency, right? Well, I need some help creating a resume. Can you help me? 

We get that question — a lot! And yes, of course we can help you! We want to see everyone we interact with to succeed.

ABR JobConnect, Your Free Job Resource

For over eight years, we’ve offered everyone a free job resource tool called ABR JobConnect. Create a free account and you’ll be guided through how to build your resume!

How To Access The Free Resume Help Tool

To use this free resume building tool, login or create an account on ABR JobConnect. Then:

  1. Select the ‘prepare’ tab
  2. Click on ‘the ‘create’ box (box 3)
  3. Then click on the sentence ‘If you do not currently have a resume, click here to use our Resume Builder ‘.

Follow the steps and your resume will be created in no time! 

Here’s what else you get when you register for a free account on ABR JobConnect


Why Hard-Selling Your Soft Skills Matters In An Interview

October 15th, 2018

Tired of being the ‘runner up’?

You have the right experience.  You have the right job skills.  You even have the right intangibles for the position.

So why are you always coming up with the “silver medal” – instead of landing the job you want?

It could be because you aren’t adequately explaining why you’re the best cultural fit for the job.  Most people find it easy to explain how their job skills and experience are a great match.  But few are able to show how their soft skills make them the best candidate – and therein lies an opportunity for you to separate yourself from the crowd.

So in your next interview, don’t be another me-too candidate who describes himself as an “outgoing team player with excellent communication skills.”  Skip the cliches, and find more vivid, memorable ways to hard-sell your soft skills.

Identifying Top Soft Skills

Plan ahead.  Learn everything you can about the company’s mission, vision and corporate culture.  Study the position description, looking for clues about the types of skills needed to interact effectively with others in this role.  Compile a list of the top four or five soft skills required.  Then, think back through your job history to find evidence that demonstrates you possess those skills.

Use a three-step process.  Rather than just reeling off a long list of soft skills in your interview, use anecdotes and experiences that clearly demonstrate them.  Experts recommend that you:

  1. Briefly describe the situation;
  2. Tell what you did specifically;
  3. Explain the positive result or outcome.

Don’t fake it to land the job.  Stay true to yourself – and your natural personality style – when selling your soft skills.  If you say you have a certain type of work ethic or management style (just because you think that’s what the interviewer wants to hear), be aware that this could backfire.  In the long run, you’ll need to actually demonstrate the skills to which you’ve laid claim.  Misrepresenting your soft skills in the interview could eventually cost you the job.

Looking for Your Next Professional Career Opportunity?

Send us your resume today.  Our team of recruiters will listen to your needs, match you with a perfect career opportunity, and then show you how to effectively sell your soft skills in the interview.

New Job Anxiety: 4 Tips To Keep It Under Control

May 30th, 2018

new job anxietyYou did it! You made it through the interview, your references checked out and you got hired. You’ve made it through the hardest part, right? Well, maybe.

The first few days on a new job are always tough. You don’t know anyone and you might feel a little overwhelmed.

Try these 4 sure-fire ways to keep the new job jitters at bay.

1. Remember Why You’re There: You were hand-picked for the job over of a lot of applicants! Your new employer trusts you are the best person for the job, has faith in what you can do and wants you to succeed. It’s their job to help you succeed and grow in the position.

2.  Just say hi: Every time you shake a new coworker’s hand, you’re not only making a new friend – you’re making a connection. Explain that you are new to the job and ask  if they have any advice to share.

3. Write it down: You won’t learn everything on your first day so keep a running list of questions.  If you’re unsure about something, ask your on-site supervisor. Whether you prefer to take ‘how to’ notes electronically or with an old fashioned pen and paper, make sure you save them for future reference.

4. Take the time: It’s one of the easiest ways to make a good impression, yet it’s so easy to overlook. Show up on time, take only the allotted lunch break, and don’t sneak out the door three minutes early – every minute matters!

The Night Before Your First Day

The Muse shares some great tips on what to do the night before starting a new job.

With these tips, we’re confident you’ll make a great first impression and wish you all the best on your new career adventure! Remember, there’s only one chance to make a first impression. So make it a good one.

Editors note: the content of this blog was originally published in November, 2011 and has been updated. 

Office Job Interview Tips: How to Prepare

May 29th, 2018

Occupational Outlook: Office Support Jobs

It goes without saying. Office  support is key to the efficient operation of a department or company.  Of the top 25 largest number of projected job openings in WI, Wisconsin WORKnet ranks office clerks number 6 on the list through the year 2024.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median annual wage for office support personnel at $38,640 per year.

So how do you prepare for an office position interview?  We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions to help you prepare.

The Office Job Interview: Common FAQ’s

  • What interests you about working in an office position at this company?
  • What kinds of office projects do you like to work on?
  • What office projects are less interesting for you? How do you overcome your disinterest in order to do a good job?
  • How would you rate your computer skills?
  • Describe your experience with calendar management.
  • What kinds of documents have you made from scratch using MS Office programs?
  • What is your experience with data entry?
  • How do you ensure accuracy in tasks such as processing expenses and preparing reports?
  • If you support multiple people at one company, how do you decide which projects to work on first?
  • Have you ever been on a team with a difficult coworker? How did you handle it?
  • Describe a time you worked with a team to meet a common goal. What was your role?
  • Describe a time you suggested a way to save time, lower costs, or increase revenue.
  • What does “managing up” mean to you? In what ways have you done that?
  • Some of this work can be repetitive. What motivates you to excel in this role?

ABR Employment Services:  Your Employment Connection To The Future

When you work with us to find an office job, we’ll provide guidance and support to help you land a position where you want to work, learn and grow. And get promoted at work!

Search our open jobs on our website or on our branch Facebook for Business pages. If you have questions about anything, please don’t be shy! We want to hear from you; access our office contact information.

Editors note: the content of this blog was originally published in July, 2013 and has been updated.

What to Expect When Working with a Job Placement Service

January 2nd, 2018

The Basics: Working with a Job Placement Service

If you have never worked with a staffing agency before, you may not know what to expect. First off, the great news is that companies definitely use job placement services as a resource. Staffing agencies work to build strong and lasting relationships with businesses. Cultivating strong client relationships means that agencies like ABR Employment Services learn about exciting positions before they can reach the open job boards, social media platforms, or classified ads. Once you start your work with your chosen staffing agency, you will unlock the door to key positions in your field you probably would not have otherwise discovered.

Working with a Job Placement Service: What Can You Expect?

Whether you are searching for a job in Human Resources, Staffing, Accounting, Customer Service, Logistics or Scientific/Laboratory, employment agencies offer you the chance to begin work quickly in your field. Over 8 million people in the U.S. find work through temporary work agencies every year, according to Smart Staffing. With that many fellow workers using the same job search strategy, it is important that you improve your job search to stay competitive by knowing what to expect and what your staffing agency expects of you.

Treat Your Employment Agency Like a Prospective Employer

Let your professionalism shine from the very start by understanding that working with a staffing professional is just like interviewing a potential job.

Every meeting counts when you begin working with an employment agency, so always go in prepared to get to work. Treat the process just as you would treat a traditional job interview, and you will get off to a great start.

Explore Additional Job Search Resources

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. While ABR will work hard to find the right position for you, there is no guarantee that your agency can place you. Monitor job boards and social media websites like LinkedIn, continue networking with friends and acquaintances, and tap into resources like ABR JobConnect to keep your job search active at all times.

Make Sure Your Employment Agency Can Connect You with the Right Job

You want to make sure your employment agency works with businesses that need your specific skills. If your agency specializes in financial and accounting services, and you want a job in warehouse production or office administration, you will lose valuable job search time and resources. Also, research job placement agencies to learn more about what they require from you. By exploring the staffing agency’s website, you may learn that you need certain certifications or skills that you can achieve before contacting a staffing professional. Instantly impress your staffing representative by taking the initiative to gain the required knowledge or earn the necessary credential before your first visit.

Take Temporary and Seasonal Assignments

It is difficult to know just when your ideal job may become available. Stay sharp and busy while earning a paycheck by taking on temporary and seasonal assignments. A possible bonus to your flexibility is that you can show a potential employer your abilities and your work ethic, which may turn into a permanent position in the future. It also helps your staffing agency keep clients happy, so it shows your willingness to work as a partner with your staffing professional.

Follow-Up with Your Staffing Agency

If you do not hear from your staffing agency, do not hesitate to call or email your staffing representative. Make sure to include your name, the date you applied, and the position you applied for when you follow-up.

Learn More About ABR Employment Agency and How We Can Help You Improve Your Job Search

At ABR, we are here to work as your job search partner, so we hope to hear from you soon to set your first appointment.

How to Make an Employer Fall in Love with You

December 18th, 2017

first impression

Like most determined job seekers, you want to make a one-of-a-kind connection with your dream employer. Professionally, it makes sense that you want an employer to fall in love with you, your skills and your enthusiasm. Once he or she spots those irresistible charms, you can start a long and mutually beneficial professional relationship together.

So, never fear because you are far from alone. Most job seekers feel the same way. What’s more is that many recruiters will tell you it is essential.

5 Tips to Make a Great First Impression with Your Dream Employer

You can definitely generate the right spark to make sure the employer only has eyes for you.

A trusted recruiting professional will tell you that the hiring process is your time to shine. Our own staffing team agrees and has come up with 5 fresh ideas to seal the deal with your professional love match:

  1. Polish Your Resume.Your resume is where you get to make first contact, and you really want to make a great first impression. You have probably updated your resume to include your most recent job positions and any personal information changes, as well as making sure your spelling and grammar are correct. However, there is more you can do to put the employer over the moon. Take another look at the job posting, and try to make subtle changes to tailor your resume to the position you want. If you see a position has desired skills outside of the job’s core responsibilities—as opposed to required skills or qualifications—such as light repairs and maintenance experience you have for skilled industrial work, make sure to add the details.
  2. Do Your Research About the Company.Your potential employer will love it if you have done your homework and can comfortably and naturally discuss their company’s history, mission and place in the community. This move is a great way to let an employer know you are serious about making a long-term commitment. Check everything from their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages, to their own company website and their Wikipedia entry.
  3. Perform a Mock Interview. Sometimes people looking for their soul mate in life go on “test dates” or “mock dates” to warm up for the main event. You can—and probably should—do the same thing for your big interview. Come up with a few questions you might anticipate, and ask your mock interviewer to come up with some curveballs to make sure you can knock ’em out of the park. Schedule your mock interview for a day or two before your official interview, and wear the clothes you plan to wear for the official interview.
  4. Plan Your Route So You Show Up on Time or Early.If you are slightly unsure about where you are going for your interview, map it out. If you have been to the area before or feel confident you can get there on time, just make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to arrive. If you are unfamiliar with the area, however, don’t risk it. Take a test drive a few days before so you know exactly where you’re going. Showing up with time to spare gives the employer a preview of your commitment to punctuality.
  5. Show Your Enthusiasm.Be yourself, of course, but be sure to show your enthusiasm and that they have every reason to fall in love with you for their position. Be friendly, warm, curious and open, and you stand a great chance of winning their love.

If you need additional ideas about how to make an employer fall head over heels for you and your abilities, our team at ABR Employment Services is here to help.

Call ABR to let us know more about the kind of first impression you want to make with the right employer.

5 Smart Video Interview Prep Tips to Ace the Interview

October 2nd, 2017

Video Interview

Video interviews have been rapidly on the rise since the early 2010s, according to PR Newswire. As recently as 2012, roughly 63 percent of hiring managers reported that their companies frequently conducted interviews via video for a few basic reasons:

  • Improved consistency of asking each candidate the same set of questions.
  • Questions can be tailored for a specific job.
  • The ability to replay, review and rate video interviews online and interactively among hiring managers and other key staff.

Use Your Video Interview as a Chance to Stand Out from Fellow Candidates

If you are camera-shy, tech-phobic or simply prefer face-to-face interaction—inasmuch as anyone enjoys a job interview—you may need some tips from a friendly staffing agency when it comes to sharpening your video interviewing set-up, skills and performance.

Sprinkle in a few of these five tips to prepare for any upcoming real-time video requests you receive so it already feels like second nature to you:

  1. Set Up Your Video Interview Tech Station. While most laptops sold over the past 5-10 years feature a built-in webcam, you definitely need to make sure yours has one before you do anything else. If your computer does not have one, you can buy an inexpensive external web cam. Give yourself plenty of time for arrival or store pick-up. Check your camera right away to make sure it works properly. Additionally, test your camera and internet connection the evening before your interview to make sure you are up and running with no possible technical difficulties in sight.
  2. Get the Right Video Interview Platform. Ask your human resource contact which video platform they use. Skype is incredibly popular, so it would be easy to assume that would be the company’s choice. However, with an increasing number of video communication options, it is important to clarify so you can download the right one, set up an account and understand how to use it.
  3. Remove Distractions from the Room. Whether you love massive posters of classic cars or you collect antiques, it is best to avoid sharing those interests in the background for your video interview. Either choose a location clear of those types of items, or temporarily remove them. Additionally, if you have energetic pets or children—like those seen in the recent live BBC interview with Professor Robert E. Kelly that went viral—it may be best to secure the area by closing and locking the door. As charming, mood-lightening, and completely familiar as that moment was for the viewing audience, it was incredibly stressful for Professor Kelly. Save yourself any added worry by securing your video interview area.
  4. Perform a Mock Video Interview. A mock interview can help you iron out any details and determine the best location, lighting, make-up, colors to wear, camera height and angle, and anything else to help you make the best impression. Additionally, your trial interviewer, who is ideally a professional mentor, can ask you a set of interview questions relevant to the job position and company. At the end of it all, ask your mentor, friend or family member to give you honest feedback on each detail. You can also review the mock interview on your own to look for improvements.
  5. Let Your Enthusiasm Shine. Remember to work up the same energy and enthusiasm for your mock interview that you would bring to a live and in-person interview.

We Can Help You Get the Confidence You Need for Video Interviews

Our team at ABR Employment Services understands that not everyone has experienced a video interview and may need some additional assistance in getting ready. We have plenty of other ideas, tools and services to give you the confidence you need to show the hiring manager you are perfect for the job.

Contact us to talk about what you need to prepare for a  interview or any other aspect of the job search process.