5 Critical Components of a Staffing Agency Partnership

on April 3, 2017 in ABR Blog, HR and Workforce Tips


Filling your organization’s staffing needs with high-quality job candidates is often time-consuming and stressful for your HR team. Between tending to daily responsibilities such as maintaining your benefits program, staying in compliance with various regulations, and tending to your company’s cultural needs, your HR team’s plate is often overflowing. However, you also need to make sure your managers have their team members in place. Consider a Staffing Agency Partnership.

Hiring an award-winning local staffing partner can streamline the employee search process since recruiters build and maintain professional relationships with talented and motivated job seekers in the area.

How to Hire a Staffing Agency to Get Results

Developing and executing a flexible workforce strategy, which includes hiring a staffing partner, is essential to most modern businesses. It may help you to get started by reviewing the five most critical considerations to make when starting your search to hire a staffing partner you can trust.

  1. Does the Job Placement Agency Offer the Expertise You Need?
    One of the most important considerations to make when hiring a staffing firm is whether they offer the expertise you need. Whether you need to hire new employees for professional positions or light industrial, skilled industrial, administrative, or call center positions, discuss your needs during your first conversation with a prospective recruiter.
  2. Can the Employment Agency Fulfill Your Needs for a Temporary, Full-Time, or Part-Time Employee?
    Make sure to ask your potential staffing partner about the terms of engagement that they offer. It is always beneficial that you have the option to bring an employee on board to test their fit with your company before committing to hiring them full-time. The more engagement options available to you, the better. At ABR Employee Services, 87 percent of our employees that started with a company as temporary employees were offered permanent employment.
  3. Does the Staffing Agency Monitor and Measure Client Satisfaction?
    Your ability to review past client experiences can greatly impact your decision to team up with a particular staffing firm. Ask prospective staffing partners to provide you with recent client performance ratings. ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing Award, for example, is an award given when a staffing agency provides superior service to employers and employees. Ask companies about their process in determining employer and employee satisfaction. Whether they offer online satisfaction surveys or provide a transparent feedback area on their website, employment agencies that readily provide significant and verifiable client details are excellent candidates.
  4. Does the Recruiting Agency Offer Test Results and Other Crucial Screening Data on Qualified Job Candidates?
    The employee screening process can be complex and time-consuming, but the best staffing firms do not skimp on this phase of the job candidate search. Whether you need to know an administrative assistant’s data entry speed, if a light industrial worker can perform certain physical tasks, or if your candidate has a valid driver’s license, a thorough staffing partner can eliminate these concerns for you.
  5. How Do a Particular Staffing Firm’s Rates Compare to Other Area Employment Agencies?
    It is important to note that you may not necessarily want to pay the lowest rates possible. Instead, consider the overall value that a staffing agency provides, including details such as high client satisfaction, low turnover rates for placed employees, and industry awards. Look at all the factors that are important to your company, including terms of engagement and available expertise, before eliminating an agency due to a slightly higher cost.

Our Award-Winning Staffing Partner Services Are Sure to Help Make Your Job Candidate Search Easier

At ABR Employment Services, we are proud to let our current and prospective clients know that we have received the Best of Staffing Client and Talent Awards consecutively since 2010. Less than two percent of North American staffing agencies have earned this award and we are happy to be among them. With this award, we hope that it provides you with an added dose of confidence, knowing we are here to work as your workforce solutions partner.